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Storyboards 3D app review: unleash your creativity



Storyboarding is an important part of the creative process for any screenplay writer, so Storyboards 3D has been designed to help you make high-quality 3D scenes on your iPhone and iPad for better visualization with a host of great features.

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Although I’m no screenplay writer myself I’ve been having a great deal of fun playing around with this app and seeing what it’s capable of; I can imagine it proving to be pretty useful for conjuring up storyboards.

Storyboarding in 3D

What we’ve got here is a great utility in the Productivity category of the App Store that allows you to create 3D rendered storyboards with a range of characters and props, ideal for getting down your potential script-writing ideas.

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There are loads of features and customization options within this app allowing you to do things like adjust your characters positions and poses, alter their facial expressions, change their clothing, and so on.

Get your imagination going
Get your imagination going

Easily Share Your Work

Storyboards 3D also features a range of customizable backdrops while letting you import photos from your Camera Roll if necessary, plus you can even record audio and attach it to individual scenes of your storyboard.

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Once you’ve finished working on a storyboard and feel ready to share it with your peers you can export it by emailing it to yourself and it will be available as a PDF document.

Set up character poses
Set up character poses

Pros & Cons


  • Create 3D rendered storyboards with a range of characters and props
  • Perfect for storyboarding your potential script-writing ideas
  • Adjust your characters’ facial expressions, clothing, and more
  • Create customized backdrops with all manner of props and decorations
  • Use the intuitive gesture-based control system to get your props and characters exactly where you want them
  • Add photos, text, speech bubbles, and even audio to really bring your storyboards to life
  • Export your storyboards via email in .PDF file format


  • There is nothing negative to say‚Äč about this app

Intuitive controls
Intuitive controls

Final Words

Storyboards 3D for iPhone and iPad looks great, runs very smoothly, and should certainly help screenplay writers to storyboard their ideas in a more aesthetically pleasing format.


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