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GolfLinkd app review: connect and play with other golfers



Whether you've been enjoying golfing for years or are thinking of taking it up as a hobby for the first time, then GolfLinkd is an app that you will definitely want to check out on your iPhone or iPad.

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What we have here is a way to connect with other golfers in your area, and those who visit specific clubs so you can meet up for a game or find out about them before you visit your destination.

Let's take a look at how it works.

GolfLinkd - Connecting Golfers And Helping Set Up Golf Matches


Invite Your Friends

GolfLinkd can be downloaded completely free of charge from the Social Networking section of the App Store. When you first fire up the app, it requires you to sign in via either Facebook or LinkedIn, and this easy login enables users to start using the app immediately.

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Then you'll be asked some basic information about your golfing habits such as your average handicap, pace of play (slow, normal, or fast), and your cart preference (walk, ride, or either.)

If you are a part of a private country club, you can enter your member access code which will connect you to other golfers at that club who are also on GolfLinkd.

Users can also invite their golfing buddies to use this app and to connect with them on this app so that outings can be arranged effortlessly. Invitations can be sent out to your Facebook or LinkedIn friends, based on which service you used to log in. You can also invite friends from your address book.

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Find Other Golfers

If you don't have many golfing friends, you can always find people near you thanks to the GPS integration of this app. Use your current location, or enter a city if you're traveling, and you'll be presented with all the GolfLinkd golfers in that area. You'll see their name, location, handicap, speed of play, and cart preference, along with a line about their golfing style. You can also edit your profile to display a golfing style if you wish to do so.

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The profiles are succinct, with a photo imported from the social network chosen for signing in. Users can scroll down and view profiles of all the users in the area, and have the options of tapping "Pass" or "Connect."

Once you've connected with other users, you can instantaneously message them and set up a golfing scene quickly and easily.

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GolfLinkd - Connecting Golfers And Helping Set Up Golf Matches


Pros & Cons


  • Network with other golfers in your area
  • Connect with golfers in other cities while you are traveling
  • Chat with other golfers and set up golfing events effortlessly
  • Free and lightweight app with intuitive functions


  • There is nothing negative to say about this app

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Final Words

GolfLinkd is a must-have app on the iPhone or iPad of all golfers who wish to find other players at their level and with a similar gaming style. The succinct yet relevant information on each golfer will help you make a decision on who to play with, so you can have the optimal gaming experience.

GolfLinkd - Connecting Golfers And Helping Set Up Golf Matches

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