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Found SEO Tool app review: assess your website for errors and check your search standing



Found SEO Tool is an iPad app optimized to assess your competitors search listings. Simply type in the address to assess their score and compare it to yours.

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Found SEO Tool


Assess Your Competitor's Website

Found SEO Tool is an assessing app that allows you to scan your website for common errors or potential issues that may affect websites rank. It creates an easy to view report that tells you what is working, and what isn’t so you can go back and get your rank up for better business and more search hits.

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The app is based on the popular desktop version, but with so many people turning to tablets and mobile devices for their everyday needs, the app is a helpful tool. It can assess technical issues such as domain canonicalization and XML site maps. It can bring out content issues such as keywords that aren’t working for you in the metadata. Finally, it can let you know who is linking to your website externally.

Assess Your Competitor


Found SEO Tool has many features to help you get your website on track. There’s a header check for status code of the page for 200 & 404 errors, domain and IP canonicalization, Robots.txt check, XML sitemap check, speed check, on-page links analysis, internal links, external links, header heck for H1 tags, image analysis, keywords analysis, metadata analysis, and PDF export of your report. With so many features, your website designer will be able to analyze your site and you competitors sites with ease, and also export the reports in full so that you can compare in the future.

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Found SEO Tool


Pros & Cons


  • Free
  • Easy to use: just type in the website and hit go
  • Many, many features to help you optimize your website in competition with others
  • Export reports with PDF to analyze and compare
  • Optimized for iPad, but works great on iPhone too
  • Filter results by successes, warnings and errors


  • Must export your results to compare rather than having multiple sites ready to go in app

Pros & Cons image

Final Thoughts

Found SEO Tool is a website analysis app for iPhone and iPad that is specifically optimized for the iPad. It is easy to use, easy to export, and the app is also nice to look at. There are so many features in this app that I would dare to say it gives a fully comprehensive view of your website and competitors while on the go. From metadata to keywords, load time to checking links and images, this app will do it all and let you export your results for later comparing or contrasting. Compare your previous results to see how you have improved your test, or compare your results to your competitors. Overall, this is a very well designed app, and I would definitely recommend it to anyone who has a website for their business.

Found SEO Tool

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