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ClassDojo for Students app review: companion app for ClassDojo



ClassDojo for Students is an iPhone and iPad app that links students to their ClassDojo account that was set up by their teacher to monitor class behavior for those with difficulties. They log-in with their existing account, or ask their teacher for your code. Once initiated, you can check daily progress and create a fun avatar to show in class.

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Help Track Behavior Flags for a Better Day

ClassDojo for Students will enable parents to check in with the teacher regarding their child’s behavior in class. With a ClassDojo account initiated by their teacher, your student can log-in and check what their check their progress for the day and year, and compare it to previous days. The app allows you to sort by subject such as social studies, language, and so on so that you can see if the child’s behavior is influenced by the subject being taught due to boredom or not being able to understand the work.

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Additionally, there is a fun avatar creating program included within to show your classmates. It works on a three section scroll, so you can choose the eye section, the mouth section, and the bottom belly section. Kids love creating and changing avatars, and the scrolling options is a fun way to do this. There is also a color selection so you can change your finished avatar from blue to red, green, pink, or any other color your student would like to use.

Welcome screen
Welcome screen

As a Teaching Tool

From the teacher’s perspective, ClassDojo for Students will help you to organize your students’ progress with homework, check their understanding, and also helps you track the behavior of students that you can easily share with parents and administrators. You can then teach lessons more smoothly. When disruptions due to behavior are minimized, the classroom runs much more smoothly.

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The companion app ClassDojo for the teacher is also free, and provides the teacher with more tools to create a report that parents, administrators, and so on can easily access when needed.

Randomize option
Randomize option



Pros & Cons


  • Free
  • Easy to share information in a confidential way with those who need to know
  • A behavior tracking application that breaks it down into subjects to view patterns


  • Behavior only; and would be great to also be able to do grade record keeping and so on


Final Thoughts

ClassDojo for Students is an iPhone and iPad app that is the less featured companion to the teacher’s app ClassDojo. It is a behavior tracking app that helps teachers monitor behavior issues within the class and even by subject to check for boredom, lack of understanding, and other root causes of behavior issues. The students are able to create their own avatar that is linked up with the teacher’s portion, and parents must have a log-in provided by the teacher to access information. In this way the app is secure. Overall, I feel that they did a great job with the app, and appreciate that there is a companion app rather than giving students, parents, and administrators full access to mess with the already entered information. One slip and a record can be lost with computers, so this is an appreciated forethought.



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