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Concepts app review: use your iPad as an artist's tool



Your iPad is capable of a whole lot including being able to transform into a beautiful and flexible drawing tool. The Concepts app can be used on your iPad and makes it possible to sketch and draw whatever you like. There is no limit to the amount of canvases you can use and thanks to all the features and tools you'll be able to get incredibly creative. This isn’t a basic drawing tool it feels much more professional and polished offering a user experience that is quite impressive.

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Take Your Work to Extremes

The Concepts app allows you to really take your creative endeavors to the extremes given you even more possibilities than a paper and pen can. The app believes it's all in the details and with that it means you can control just about every aspect of the creative process. You will be able to use real-scale paper size guides, sharp zoom, layout guides, a variety of pens and brushes, graph paper, and so much more. If you're working with straight lines you can use the Precision Mode which makes it possible to create the perfect angles, arcs, lines, ellipses, and rectangles. Where you might traditionally use a ruler if you were working on paper this mode will step in and help.

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The app is free to download and use but a number of the features require in-app purchases. These purchases are available from $1.99 to $7.99. The app currently has 4.5 out of five stars from users. Users have described the app as professional, great, and very easy to use. The app has just gone through all kinds of improvements, updates, adjustments, fixes, and enhancements in order to continue to perform at the high level expected by users.

A modern and professional tool
A modern and professional tool

Additional Features

There is no shortage of additional features such as the fact that if you use Adobe Creative Cloud you can export and import PSDs. While this app can certainly be used by professionals such as designers, surveyors, engineers, and architects it's also user-friendly enough to be used by kids, students, and anyone with a passion for art. You can even use one of your own photos and then add annotations and markups to it and send them. The opportunity for creating art is really limitless in this app and because it's such high quality and so professional it's easy to see why customers are raving about it.

There is no limit on the canvases you use
There is no limit on the canvases you use



Pros and Cons


  • The app is user-friendly
  • The app is professional enough that it can be used by designers, architects, engineers, etc.
  • The tools are well-laid-out and very user-friendly
  • There are plenty of ways to be creative with the app and it offers limitless canvas


  • Many of the tools and features require in-app purchases

Export PSDs
Export PSDs

Final Thoughts

The Concepts app for your iPad offers an impressive array of tools in a user interface that is both modern and user-friendly.



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