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PowerTeacher Mobile app review: manage your classroom with ease



Here's an app that empowers teachers and gives them a way to manager their classroom like never before. The PowerTeacher Mobile app can be used on your iPad and is works with the student information system PowerSchool. With this app teachers will be able to make notes and observations no matter where they are instead of just at their desk. As well they can record scores while on the go: on field trips or elsewhere. It gives them the ability to be productive no matter where they may be with their students.

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PowerTeacher Mobile


A Widely Used Solution

The PowerTeacher Mobile app seems to be taking over in a big way as it can be used in 50 states and 65 countries. As of right now there are over 10 million students that it supports. As discussed it gives teachers a way to really unplug from their desk while still maintaining the same level of management and organization. Record scores, observations, create assignments and update them, and even post scores and assignments to students and parents in real-time. The app can even automatically calculation each student's final grade so you don't have to worry about figuring it out.

The best iPad apps for teachers

The app hasn't been updated in over two years now, with its last update adding new features, making improvements to the user interface, and bug fixes. The app only has 2.5 out of five stars from users and it's clear it's in need of attention and updates once again. The customer comments are very mixed with some people experiencing issues with its stability and others have no problems at all.

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How to Stay Managed

Besides the tools mentioned the PowerTeacher Mobile app also allows for such things as being able to enter score codes and comments for assignments, the ability to mass fill scores for assignments, you can view your class roster, sent alerts to students, view your student demographics, send emails to your students, and make use of the virtual chalkboard. Go ahead and update, create, and manage all your assignment categories and the app is supported by a password so you know the information is kept confidential and secure. It's important to note that if you want to use the app your school district must support the information system used.

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This is the kind of app that has a lot of potential but it needs some work to reach that point. The framework is there and it’s just a matter of making it more reliable, user-friendly, and accessible.

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PowerTeacher Mobile


Pros and Cons


  • The app gives teachers a way to be managed and organized in and out of the classroom
  • Make use of the variety of tools and features to customize your experience
  • Communicate with students and parents through the app
  • All your content is kept secure by a password protection system


  • The app is in need of updates, improvements, fixes, and general enhancements

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Final Thoughts

The PowerTeacher Mobile app for your iPad could be a wonderful resource for teachers with just a bit of improvements and fixes.

PowerTeacher Mobile

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