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Breathe and Relax app review: learn relaxation breathing techniques



There are many times in a day where you may find yourself feeling stressed, over-whelmed, and just not very relaxed so here's a way you can use breathing exercises to help you calm down. The Breathe and Relax app has been created for your iPad and give you instructions on how to go about proper breathing techniques that are able to improve your overall health and cut down on the stress you feel. It's amazing that something so simple as breathing can have such a big impact on your personal health.

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Breathe and Relax


Use Breathing Techniques to your Advantage

There are a number of health benefits for both the mind and your body when you take part in relaxation and healthy breathing techniques. The Breathe and Relax app takes an in-depth look at forming this habit so that when you start feeling the symptoms of stress and anxiety you can react in a healthy way. Breathing techniques can help with stress, fatigue, relaxation, even helping you focus better. The app offers a number of breathing reminders with voice prompts, audio, and voice-guided exercises to make the process smooth for users.

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The app was last updated almost two years ago when there was a repeat function added to the reminders. The app currently has four out of five stars from users but the comments are more mixed. It seems as though some users have experienced stability issues with the app.

The user interface is simple and relaxing
The user interface is simple and relaxing

Learning the Techniques

In the Breathe and Relax app you are given three different tools in which to learn breathing techniques. There are breathing exercises that you can perform by following along with the voice-guided instructions. These exercises are meant to teach users how to breathe in an easy and regular way. It is meant to find your body's own natural breathing rhythm. There are also four breathing break audios. The four offered are deep breathing, basic breath awareness, belly breathing, and pleasure breathing. Again just follow along with the audio. Finally there are breathing reminders that are meant to remind you to focus on your breathing throughout the day. You can set the reminders to whatever duration you want and use silent mode, sounds, or voice prompts.

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This app takes a really simple approach and uses a user interface that is calming and soothing. Overall it's a nice offering, and while there's no guarantee you'll suddenly find yourself relaxed they are techniques that certainly don't hurt to learn.

There are a few customization settings
There are a few customization settings

Breathe and Relax


Pros and Cons


  • The app offers a calming user interface that is simple to use
  • There are three different tools offered to teach you breathing techniques
  • Set reminders that will alert you throughout the day to focus on your breathing


  • Some users have had issues installing the app and with its stability

Breathing exercise guide
Breathing exercise guide

Final Thoughts

The Breathe and Relax app for your iPad is meant to help users relax by teaching them a variety of breathing techniques. The lessons are easy to follow and the app itself is simple to navigate.


Breathe and Relax

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