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Sara Jenkins' New Italian Pantry app review: the art of Italian cooking



All cooking is an art and with this art form you can get increasingly better with practice and knowledge. The Sara Jenkins' New Italian Pantry app for your iPad helps you where Italian cuisine is concerned. This app takes a look at rustic Italian cooking with dishes that are tasty, impressive to serve, but surprisingly easy to follow. Even if your “Italian cooking” to date has only involved dropping pasta into a bowl of boiling water and opening a jar of tomato sauce this app can help you out.

Sara Jenkins' New Italian Pantry


Feel Just Like a Pro

The Sara Jenkins' New Italian Pantry app will have you feeling just like a pro as you take simple everyday ingredients and turn them into incredibly dishes. The app contains 80 recipes in total with full-screen pictures of each dish. There are actually pop-up images throughout the recipes as an added feature. The recipes offer step-by-step instructions which you can view in portrait or landscape mode. For those recipes that have become instant hits you can save them as a favorite and even share them on Facebook and Twitter. Jenkins is a New York-based chef with her own restaurants who is also an author, which means you can expect some professional quality recipes.

The app scores very high with uses who have given it 4.5 out of five stars. It hasn't been updated in over a year but this doesn't seem to be hurting the app in the least.

Feel Just Like a Pro image

More Than Just Cooking

The Sara Jenkins' New Italian Pantry app is more than just recipes though you also get 17 different videos that discuss a variety of tips about Italian ingredients. You'll learn how to buy them, where to buy them, and how to store them so they stay fresh as long as possible. You can do a search by season, course, or ingredient to find that perfect recipes, and the integrated kitchen timers mean your dish won’t be forgotten. The interactive pantry is a big feature in the app that keeps track of what ingredients you have on hand. What's handy about this is that it makes selecting a recipe a whole lot easier because you know what you can do with the ingredients you already have. The shopping lists that you create in the app can be emailed to anyone else, maybe even your significant other to pick up what you need on the way home.

More Than Just Cooking image

Sara Jenkins' New Italian Pantry


Pros and Cons


  • There are 80 top-quality rustic Italian recipes to try
  • All recipes feature full screen photos and can be viewed in portrait or landscape mode
  • Search by ingredient, season, or course
  • Send shopping lists by email
  • Keep track of your ingredients on hand with the interactive pantry
  • There are tip videos that can help you in the kitchen


  • The app hasn’t been updated in well over a year
  • There isn’t a huge selection of recipes

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Final Words

The Sara Jenkins’ New Italian Pantry app for your iPad can turn you into a professional Italian chef thanks to the tools, selection of recipes, and tips contained in this app.

Sara Jenkins' New Italian Pantry

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