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Extra Mile app review: an interactive dashboard 2021



If you could use a tool that makes it possible to log your mileage and offers you information on fuel costs, GPS voice guided navigation, and more, then this next mileage tracking app was created with you in mind.

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The Extra Mile app can be used on your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone and gives users the ability to perform all kinds of tasks related to driving and navigation. This multi-functional mileage app can, in theory, replace a number of apps in one convenient package instead.

For more information about this top mileage app for iPhone and iPad users, keep readng our Extra Mile app review below.

Extra Mile - Voice Navigation with GPS Trip and Mileage Log


A Smart Driving Tool

The Extra Mile app acts as an interactive dashboard that begins to work once you start the car. There are all kinds of functions that it performs such as automatically recording the distance you have driven, your driving pattern, the trip duration, and even fuel expenses.

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As soon as your trip is complete hit the end button so all your information will be correctly logged. You can go back and view any day's information on the calendar. Now sometimes it may slip your mind to start the app at the start of your trip and if that's the case you can always manually enter the details.

What's cool is that because this app is remembering your information you'll start to see your mileage diary, a driving habit analyzer, and more.

Not all features are included in the download, which is a bit of a negative. There is in-app purchases available priced from $0.99 to $1.99. 

A Smart Driving Tool image

Exploring the Features

There are a number of tools worth examining in the Extra Mile app such as the fact it offers voice guided navigation. The app has point of interest search capability, shows you where the traffic cameras are, and it can estimate how much your fuel will cost for a particular trip (using real-time fuel cost information).

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If you are planning to use the app for work purposes then the reports feature will certainly come in handy. You can create spreadsheet reports or HTML and then share them by email.

The user interface clearly had some thought put into it and the fact that everything appears on a dashboard is not only convenient but it keeps things streamlined and uncluttered.

A bit of a red flag with this app is how many updates have been made. There have been all kinds of issues, big and small, which obviously gets frustrating for users.

Exploring the Features image

Extra Mile - Voice Navigation with GPS Trip and Mileage Log


Pros and Cons


  • The app offers voice guided navigation
  • Track and log information such as your mileage, fuel costs, duration of your trip, and more
  • Create reports out of your information and send it by email
  • The information can be tracked automatically or you can log it manually


  • The app has had all kinds of issues

Pros and Cons image

Final Thoughts

The Extra Mile app for your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone is a decent offering but isn’t great by far. Considering the fact you’ll need to make a few in-app purchases just to enjoy full functionality this app really doesn’t manage to stand out.

Extra Mile - Voice Navigation with GPS Trip and Mileage Log

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