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Hip Licks for Alto Saxophone app review: increase your vocabulary



Anyone who plays jazz on a saxophone whether professionally, as a hobby, or is just learning knows exactly how important it is to be fluent in jazz language. The Hip Licks for Alto Saxophone app for your iPad has been created to increase your jazz vocabulary and help you better your skills as a musician. This is a musical reference tool specifically for saxophonists and helps you with all the chord progressions and even though ultra-challenging keys.

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Hip Licks for Alto Saxophone


Benefit from a Little Knowledge

You don’t have to be a beginner saxophonist in order to benefit from a little knowledge where jazz language is concerned. Even the most seasoned professional can find the app to be useful and help them to stay on their toes and perform at their best at all times. As stated this is a musical reference app for saxophonists. The app will help you by providing an understanding of mainstream jazz vocabulary in all 12 keys. The app helps by showing you what a professional would do to nail those chord progressions and challenging keys. The app even has its own customize user interface so that users get the very most out of the experience.

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Even though the app was released at the beginning of last year it still doesn't have a customer rating nor does it have any updates. Comments are very positive though and it seems as though it's perfect not just for students but teachers as well.

Perfect your skills and vocabulary
Perfect your skills and vocabulary

Exploring the Features

The Hip Licks for Alto Saxophone provides users with a wide list of features, all designed to make them better, more knowledgeable players. The user interface was designed to feel fun and user-friendly so that the content feels approachable. The main menu will direct you to all the different areas of the app such as being able to work your way through the content with or without the play-along tracks. There are 168 Hip Licks and each one is unique, has been customized, and well-thought-out. You'll be able to browse through the most popular chord progressions, fast and slow tempo tracks, and there is a 12-key approach so you get a feel for each key. The technique builder is a tool that provides you with ways to practice on a daily basis so that you can increase your skills and knowledge on a gradual basis. The interactive call and response format was created to help with ear-training.

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Navigate through the app with ease
Navigate through the app with ease

Hip Licks for Alto Saxophone


Pros and Cons


  • The app can be useful to all skill levels
  • Make use of the technique builder that offers daily practice lessons
  • Explore 168 Hip Licks, all of which are different and unique from one another
  • The app offers a user-friendly user interface that is engaging and fun


  • This one is only available on the iPad

Final Words

The Hip Licks for Alto Saxophone app for your iPad is versatile enough to be used by beginners and professionals and offers a user interface that is engaging and inviting.


Hip Licks for Alto Saxophone

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