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Learn to read for kids app review: set them up with helpful tools



If you have a young child who is just learning how to read we've got an app that can help with the process by providing them with some useful tools. The Learn to read for kids app can be used on your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone and features three different game modes, all with a focus on learning to read. The last thing you want is for your young child to become frustrated when learning, so taking a fun and engaging approach can be the best answer.

The best iPhone learning to read apps for kids

Learn to read for kids


Bring the Learning With You

Thanks to the Learn to read for kids app you can bring the learning with you wherever you happen to be. The app is a great way to keep kids busy, and learn at the same time. There are three different game modes with this offering: Learn to Read, ABC Memory, and Alphabet Mode. All offer its own brand of fun and learning and each will keep kids busy. While they are learning to read they will also be building their confidence in their own skills, which of course will help them where schooling is concerned. The app is meant for kids ages four and older but it can be used by younger ones with the help from parents.

The best iPhone apps for learning how to read-2021

The app was last updated more than two years ago when bug fixes were made. It doesn't have any customer comments or a customer rating. To say this one has been flying under the radar is an understatement.

Kids can play three different games
Kids can play three different games

Unique Games

All of the games in the Learn to read for kids app are unique in that they work on their own skillset. The ABC Memory game will have kids working on their memory skills obviously but also their letter recognition skills, their ability to recall, and reason. They will obviously be working to match the letters. In the Alphabet Sound Chart mode they will explore the full alphabet in both uppercase and lowercase forms. The letters are large and easy to manipulate by toddlers. Lastly is the Learn to Read mode where kids will put to use their ABC Memory and Alphabet Sound Chart skills. They are shown a word and then four pictures and their goal is to match the word to the correct picture. When they do this they will be rewarded.

The best iPad apps for learning how to read

The app feels fairly basic and although it’s not poorly done there isn’t really anything that stands out or feels unique. Not only that but the content isn’t very vast.

The app doesn't feel unique or overly impressive
The app doesn't feel unique or overly impressive

Learn to read for kids


Pros and Cons


  • The app is kid-friendly
  • There are a variety of game modes
  • The app works on a number of different skills related to learning
  • The graphics are fun for kids


  • The entire package is rather basic and under-whelming
  • The content is thin
  • There haven’t been any updates in well over two years

Learning mode
Learning mode

Final Thoughts

The Learn to read for kids app for your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone is meant to be an engaging learning experience for kids but this one falls short in a number of key areas.


Learn to read for kids

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