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Amazons Board Game app review: territorial tribulations



The Amazons Board Game app is no longer in iTunes but our best board game apps for iPhone and iPad list has some good alternatives. You can find all the best iPhone apps on our applists. We have also reviewed these meditation apps or check out all our iPhone app reviews:-

The best board game apps for iPhone and iPad

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Amazons Board Game is an excellent board game for iPad and iPhone and iPad that test your tactical skills in a territorial battle of wits, providing a wildly engaging alternative for Chess players who want a diverse and dynamic game experience.

I must confess that I’d never played the game of Amazon before coming across this app so after trying a few rounds against the AI opponents I’ve been well and truly humbled! This board games app offers a whole heap of substance that is sure to keep you engaged for some time.

Amazons Board Game


Claim Your Territories

The concept of this game is quite simple: each player is given four pieces, or Amazons, which can be moved across the board in a similar manner to that of Queen pieces in Chess.

Best iphone and ipad apps

Rather than taking pieces by jumping over them, you instead fire an arrow from the piece you just moved, and the square that the arrow lands on becomes inaccessible to other pieces. This is you essentially claiming territory across the board.

To win the game you have to be the last player capable of making a move, so the game ends when all available moves have been used.

Claim Your Territories image

Scintillatingly Simple

Amazons Board Game takes this concept and makes it into an enjoyable pint-sized mobile version that you can play either with a friend in two-player multiplayer mode, or against a host of AI opponents with either difficulty levels.

Honestly, I can grasp the concept of this game but I’m not even close to fully getting to grips with it, so I really like how motivating this is to play another game so you can build on what you’ve learnt from each round.

Scintillatingly Simple image

Amazons Board Game


Pros & Cons


  • Enjoy a pint-sized mobile version of the classic Amazon board game
  • Provides a challenging and engaging alternative to Chess
  • The game concept is simple to understand but can take years to master
  • Play against your friend in multiplayer mode
  • Also features AI opponents with eight difficulty levels


  • There is nothing negative to say about this app

Pros & Cons image

Final Words

If you’re looking for flashy graphics and cutesy characters then Amazons Board Game probably isn’t for you, but if you want something to really scintillate your grey matter then I would definitely recommend downloading it onto your iPhone and iPad.

Amazons Board Game

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