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iUke app review: master the Ukulele



While some may consider playing the Ukulele a lost musical art we've come across a way to educate yourself and learn to play it. The iUke app can be used on your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone and offers up a user-friendly approach to learning the Ukulele even if you've never picked up one in your life. Now hold on you advanced players, because you can just as easily use this app thanks to its versatility. The app covers so many aspects of the musical instrument that you're bound to take away something from it.

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iUke - Learn and play ukulele songs


Open to All Levels

The iUke app is ideal for all levels of Ukulele players whether you are just picking one up for the very first time or you've been playing for years. This is a great way to learn as it is presented in such a way that you will be learning by playing rather than reading about a whole bunch of theory. The app actually features a selection of rather festive tunes which are well-known. You can play along with a virtual band to create a rather full performance or you can go solo and really showcase your talent.

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Because you are just given a few free songs you'll likely be interested in the in-app purchases that come in a bundle for $4.99 or individual songs for $0.99. There are a couple non-holiday songs offered. The app requires iOS 7.0 or higher and has a current customer rating of four out of five stars. In its very recent update additional songs were added, more features were added, and now you can choose your difficulty setting (either simplified or original).

Learning the Ukulele at home and on your own is possible
Learning the Ukulele at home and on your own is possible

The User Experience

Developers describe this app as an all-in-one learning tool and that's a very accurate description of the iUke app. With this app you'll be able to take advantage of the brand-new user interface that is engaging and user-friendly. All of the songs are customizable and there is a looper that is meant to help you with the more advanced parts of the song. What's really fun is that you can record yourself as you play. You have the option of recording video and/or audio. This allows you to listen back to your performance, see where you struggle and where you excel, plus you can share the recording with friends and family.

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Additionally you'll be able to learn about the chord and strumming patterns and you can sync all the songs you've purchased between your various devices.

Learn about the strumming and chord patterns
Learn about the strumming and chord patterns

iUke - Learn and play ukulele songs


Pros and Cons


  • The user interface is all new, very sleek, and easy to navigate
  • Learn how to play a variety of songs on the Ukulele
  • The app can be used by advanced players and beginners
  • Record video and/or audio while you play so you can share it with others
  • Learn about the chord and strumming patterns


  • You only have a couple of songs for free
  • The library of songs available to purchase is also quite small

iUke screenshot
iUke screenshot

Final Thoughts

The iUke app for your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone can act as the perfect place to start when you are learning how to play the Ukulele thanks to its variety of features and engaging user interface.


iUke - Learn and play ukulele songs

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