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StreamTweet HD for Twitter app review: instant monitoring of Tweets



People are always on the hunt for ways they can enhance their Twitter experience and there is no shortage of apps that make this possible. The StreamTweet HD for Twitter app can be used on your iPad and makes it possible to monitor your Tweets from the second you send them. The app performs much like a Twitter news channel that is being updated 24/7 so it always feels dynamic and exciting. There is more to this app than just being able to view your live Tweets though, as it has a number of other features and tools.

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StreamTweet HD for Twitter


Enjoy Your Own Twitter New Channel

Here's your opportunity to take advantage of your own Twitter news channel that lets you monitor live tweets from the moment they get sent out and get live Twitter updates on music, entertainment, news, weather, and a whole lot more. You can also view live trending topics so you always have the most current information. The app works 24/7 so there’s never a down period. The Tweets can be filtered by keywords or hash tags making it easy to go through them. The app can be compared to TweetDeck but this is a real-time experience.

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The app was last updated almost two years ago now when there were some performance upgrades and some minor bug fixes. The app only has 1.5 out of five stars so this sends a fairly clear message to the developers. Not only is the price high for what you're getting but there seems to be some pretty serious performance issues and the app isn't stable in the least.

View Tweets live as they come in
View Tweets live as they come in

An Unimpressive User Experience

The StreamTweet HD for Twitter app is a good idea in theory but unfortunately its user interface seems to be buggy and problematic. If this could be corrected then the app could certainly be useful and fun. With the app you will be able to check out a live list of the top 10 currently trending topics, you can click on web links in Tweets, share Tweets by email, send out new Tweets, retweet, and reply. The user interface is animated to make it all the more interesting and this allows you to actually watch the tweets slide in as they show up. There is also the ability to view webpages using the app's built in web browser. This one clearly needs some improvements made to it so users can take full advantage of the pros it offers.

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Make use of the built-in web browser
Make use of the built-in web browser

StreamTweet HD for Twitter


Pros and Cons


  • You can view, send, retweet, and reply through the app
  • View Tweets live as they come in through an animated user interface
  • There is a built in web browser so you can check out web pages
  • Check out the top 10 trending topics


  • The user interface is very unstable, buggy, and needs some major improvements

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Share URL via email

Final Thoughts

The StreamTweet HD for Twitter app for your iPad is one that should enhance the Twitter experience but this one is far too buggy and unstable to be counted on.


StreamTweet HD for Twitter

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