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Moto Wheelie Free app review: pop some wheelies and escape!



 If you love great graphics, addictive gameplay, and challenges, then you’re going to enjoy Moto Wheelie Free for iPhone and iPad. The premise is that Maya is stuck inside the memory banks of a computer and needs to escape. Her only way out is to ride a cyber motorcycle within a stunts game program. It’s going to take a lot of work to escape but she’ll have fun doing it with wheelies and stunt loops. 


Moto Wheelie Free


Tap Tap Tap!

Moto Wheelie Free isn’t your typical racing game where you press and hold to go faster; instead, you tap the screen to increase speed. I kind of like this aspect of the game, but it might take some people time to get used to if they are accustomed to pressing and holding. You don’t have to tap so much that you’ll become tired of doing so, either, and you only need to tap gently. You’ll have to figure out the best time to tap and hold (which helps you make your landings) to get through without crashing. 

The rewards system is interesting and if you get good enough, you can play it long enough to earn achievements. It’s also great as a time-waster if you just want to play for a minute here and there. This game definitely will hook you and pull you in so you’ll be saying “just one more time!” before you put it down. The graphics remind me of Tron; the landscapes are amazingly rendered. The app supports Game Center as well for those competitive people who want to see how they stand against other players.


Stick that Landing!

The tutorial is accessed from the main menu: it is the button with the question mark icon. You’ll practice and directions will show on the screen. To go faster and do wheelies, tap the screen. When your rider is in the air, the bike will spin forward. Press and hold to counter that spin. To go faster, tap faster. To do a loop in the air, press and keep holding it until the bike spins all the way around. Be careful, though, because in the real game, if you don’t land on your wheels, you crash.


Moto Wheelie Free



  • Good for a minute here and there or longer gameplay
  • Casual endless-runner
  • Fun and addictive


  • Not much in the way of a tutorial
  • Supported by ads
  • Requires iOS 7 or later to play, which might stymie some users with older devices.

Final Thoughts

Overall, I enjoy Moto Wheelie Free. The graphics are great, the sound is decent, and you can adjust the sound if you want. I like how it uses taps to increase speed and the idea of trying to do a full loop or get to a certain speed to attain achievement points is addictive and will have you trying your best over and over to improve your skill.


Moto Wheelie Free

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