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GREG app review: a math puzzle game



GREG - A Mathematical Puzzle Game is an iPad and iPhone game that turns learning math into a fun puzzle game. Add numbers to equal the number in the center of the timer to earn points and move up in the level.

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GREG - A Mathematical Puzzle Game To Train Your Brain Skills


Simple Addition

GREG uses simple addition to turn learning into fun. You are given a number in a timer, and all you have to do is add numbers to equal that given number. As you go through the level, the numbers get trickier such as no more nines or twos to make adding the last bit easier.

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Once I figured out which number I was aiming for, I was off to the races and really enjoyed it! For some reason, it took me a few failed rounds to figure out which number I was aiming for, and the instructions mention guessing the number. I am not good at solving the number puzzles, so at first I didn’t think I would ever get going!

Tap tiles for addition
Tap tiles for addition

Practical Application

GREG is a math game, and I’m always looking for new games to play with my tutoring students. I look forward to playing it next week, because it is a fun way to practice facts. It’s not unlike the dice game we play where you add the numbers together, but rather than telling me the final answer, you start with the answer and must find the problem. It’ll stretch their thinking to get the right answer.

I can also see this as a useful tool for students who have learning disabilities. Practice and repetition help to get the addition facts into the memory, and this game is fun to play. I didn’t see any numbers above 20 in the first three levels, so the addition facts start out easy enough. It also tracks your progress with Game Center so you can compete with friends if you so wish, or just view your high score easily.

Extra challenge
Extra challenge

GREG - A Mathematical Puzzle Game To Train Your Brain Skills


Pros & Cons


  • Free
  • Easy to get going
  • Target number is easy to view as it is front and center in the timer
  • Color coded tiles let you know which one to use first


  • None found

Game board
Game board

Final Thoughts

GREG - A Mathematical Puzzle Game is an iPad and iPhone game that helps students practice addition facts. You can add up numbers in two, three, four, or more combinations to total your target number. I will be giving this game a try in my tutoring business, and enjoyed playing it myself. If you want to sharpen you skills, then this is a great game to play. It’ll also keep you learning and your brain active. Overall, I enjoyed this game, and find it educational as well. If you are looking to practice your own addition skills, or if you are looking for a game to help your child learn from the answer to the numbers that make it up, then this is a great one to try.


GREG - A Mathematical Puzzle Game To Train Your Brain Skills

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