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Kids Bedtime Story Discovery app review: learn about Louis Pasteur's germ discovery



Kids Bedtime Story Discovery is an iPad and iPhone book about Louis Pasteur discovering that little bad germs create rabies and other diseases. Louis Pasteur was a French chemist and microbiologist who pioneered many life-saving techniques.

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Kids Bedtime Story Discovery


Read a Story

Kids Bedtime Story Discovery is an educational tale about a little boy who is bitten by a dog. His parents luckily read in the newspaper that Louis Pasteur has recently discovered how to defeat the little germs causing his illness. I appreciate the story, that it encourages independent reading or parental reading, and that there are interactive portions such as matching the boy to his silhouette, or the house to its spot. What I don’t find realistic is that the boy is cured when he has been ill for more than a day. Rabies is fatal when left untreated for this long; however, human cases are rare.

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Anyway, the story is well-written and educational for kids, and I appreciate the length. If your child is not yet reading, then you can spend a good amount of time with them. If your child is a reader, then the book is longer than a typical picture book, and the reading is more difficult than a typical story to digest. So I would suggest it is for kids aged seven to 12. Seven for reading to the child if they are interested in animals or illnesses, and after that they’ll be mature enough to read independently.

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Learn Along the Way

Kids Bedtime Story Discovery is a great way to learn as you read. The interactive match-to-silhouette aspect and the historical information included make this app a unique read. I appreciate the language too, because it’s not too difficult, but you’re not reading a simple children’s book either.

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When you’re moving the images to the matching silhouettes, it can be difficult to get them to stick. Some are tiny, which further complicates the lining up, however, I would also have difficulties on occasion with the larger items like fences and the mother’s hair.

Learn Along the Way image

Kids Bedtime Story Discovery


Pros & Cons


  • Free
  • Full book
  • Educational lesson about Louis Pasteur discovering germs
  • Match items to the silhouettes as you go


  • Can be difficult to match the items as you have to get them just right

Pros & Cons image

Final Thoughts

Kids Bedtime Story Discovery is an educational ebook for the iPad and iPhone that helps kids learn about Louis Pasteur’s discovery of germs causing infection. It’s a great story that doesn’t dumb down the ideas too much, but puts it in a language that kids can understand. It’d be great for kids seven to 12 to start learning some basic science. Disease is caused by germs and germs can be destroyed by medicine. Overall, this is a great story for kids to start learning, and if they’re aspiring little doctors or scientists, then this book will be right up their alley.

Kids Bedtime Story Discovery

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