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Jogo da Memoria do Peixonauta Lite app review: Fishtronauts memory game



Jogo da Memoria do Peixonauta Lite is an iPhone and iPad memory game app that encourages kids to work on their spatial and recall memory. Kids start with a two-by-two grid of four cards, and increase as they pass the levels.

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Fishtronaut’s Memory Game Lite


Match the Cards

Jogo da Memoria do Peixonauta Lite is Fishtronauts Memory Game Lite. The title is in Spanish, but the words within are in English. The first option is to match in traditional mode, and if you purchase the full version, then you can also play in word and number modes. The traditional mode is fun, but it also expands spatial and recall memory of your child. Your child will start with a two-by-two grid, and gradually increase the cards by a pair per level. The other modes work the same way, but they require your child to match the word to the object, or the number to the correct group of objects. An example would be, the word leopard to the picture of the leopard, or the number three to the group of three owls.

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When your child selects a mode, there are easy and hard level options. I began on the easy level to see how difficult it is and if I could have my two-year-old try it or if my six-year-old would be better suited. The hard mode is locked until you purchase the full version. If you are looking to get a good educational experience from this memory game app, then it will definitely be worth your buck.

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Practice Your Skills

Jogo da Memoria do Peixonauta Lite helps your child to practice their spatial and recall memory. They practice spatial memory by remembering where a card was located, and recall by remembering which card they have turned up. When they repeatedly get different images, it helps them to form a more concrete ability to remember more and more items such as a grocery list, or simply homework. Grocery lists are an interesting thing to remember though, as many people will just jot down whatever they need, while a more efficient method is to list the items in the order that you would grab them in the store. Your spatial memory is useful in this instance, because you will be able to visualize the aisles of the store to make your list. It’s pretty neat that a game such as memory match will help you with this skill.

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Practice Your Skills image

Fishtronaut’s Memory Game Lite


Pros & Cons


  • Free trial
  • Three modes in full version with two levels in each
  • In full version you can match word to picture, or number to grouping
  • Helps with spatial and recall memory


  • Only one level of one mode unlocked in free version

Pros & Cons image

Final Thoughts

Jogo da Memoria do Peixonauta Lite is a fun learning game to play on your iPad or iPhone. Many kids love to learn, and when you can turn it into a game, their focus lasts that little bit longer. Overall, this is a fun learning game, and I would recommend it to anyone helping kids learn to read, count, or just practicing memory skills.

Fishtronaut’s Memory Game Lite

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