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Storyist app review: allowing you to be a wordsmith from anywhere



Sometimes the moment just strikes you and you are feeling creative when it comes to words. The Storyist app for your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone makes it possible for users to be creative when the mood strikes by giving you a way to write, edit, and revise your work. It doesn't really matter what kind of story you want to create, nor the length of the story, this is a rich text editor filled with useful tools.

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Don't Let Anything Curb Your Creativity

Just because you may not be at home in front of your computer screen doesn't mean you can't be creative. The Storyist app makes it possible to write, review, and revise no matter where you are. You could be commuting to work on the train, enjoying a picnic at the park, or even on vacation and write when the moment strikes you to. This app works as a rich text editor that allows you to choose your footer, header, images, colors, fonts, add comments, and choose a style sheet. Input couldn't be easier since the app supports Bluetooth keyboards. The app allows you to put together in-depth stories such as screenplays and manuscripts and will leave them submission-ready for you.

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This productivity based app hasn't been updated in just over a year when it was made compatible with iOS 7. The app currently has four out of five stars from users who have love the layout, the ease of use, and the features included.

A simple way to be creative
A simple way to be creative

A Seamless Tool

The Storyist app offers users a seamless tool that can make writing a breeze no matter where you are. Some of the included features are wireless printing made possible with AirPrint, color-coded index cards to help organize the story, shortcut keys, story sheets that you can customize, and you can easily export your text files as a PDF document. Importing is also simple using email, Dropbox, and iTunes. The user interface is very basic and really keeps things clean and uncluttered, which can help with the story writing. All of the features and tools are neatly tucked out of the way so they aren't messing up the screen.

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I really like the idea that you can first layout your story using the story sheets and index cards. It gives you a chance to collect your thoughts and ideas before you go or even as you go.

Make use of the index cards
Make use of the index cards



Pros and Cons


  • Jot down ideas, thoughts, paragraphs and pages at a time using this app
  • Make use of the story sheets and index cards
  • The app acts as a rich text editor with all kinds of customization options
  • The app supports AirPrint
  • You can export and import files
  • Use a Bluetooth keyboard
  • The user interface is clean and uncluttered


  • Some may find the app a bit too basic

Organized files
Organized files

Final Words

The Storyist app for your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone allows users to write on the go in a professional way. 



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