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EarWizard app review: learn to recognize chords for vocals, instruments, and more



EarWizard is an iPad and iPhone musical game that will test your memory and your chord recognition. It is similar to repeat the pattern games, but you must recognize musical chords.

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Learn Some Music

EarWizard is a repeat the pattern game. I love that you can learn musical chords in this app. You start with a tutorial with three chords and repeat the pattern. As you progress, you get to listen and recognize the chord rather than repeating what you see. Due to this, you get to learn to recognize the sounds of the chords and notes rather than simply repeating a visual pattern.

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I also appreciate that the images are of a gentleman playing the piano, and if you look closely you can see that the musician is playing the chord on the piano. It’s a great visual for students to see and repeat.

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Simple Simon Meets Music Class

When I was in elementary school, and when I was in piano lessons, part of learning to recognize the notes is practicing with your ear. As you hear them over and again, you get better at recognizing the sounds. This would be a great supplement to playing the piano, violin, or any other musical instrument. It would also be a great help in sight reading for vocals. You need to be able to hit the notes with your voice too, and this app can help you learn the sounds.

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You can also play with this app in music class at school. I love that this app is so versatile and such a fun game. There are several levels to get through. Many progressions of difficulty, and as you progress you get to have more and more notes to play as well as having a more challenging patterns.

Simple Simon Meets Music Class image



Pros & Cons


  • Free
  • Many levels of challenge
  • Multiple chord selections
  • Gentleman plays the chord on his keyboard in the image labeled as that chord


  • None found

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Final Thoughts

EarWizard is an iPhone and iPad app that helps students learn to recognize chords. There is an image of a gentleman playing a chord, and in that image he is playing the same chord as is labeled on the tile. It is a Simple Simon game that requires the player repeat back the patterns. It is a fun game to play, but also educational in that you can use it to help with music classes, instrument practice, or vocal lessons. There are many applications, and I would definitely recommend this fun supplement to play with students of all ages to help students recognize the sound of various chords. This is a great fun and educational game.


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