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FreshWater Aquarium app review: a portable aquarium



Creating the perfect aquarium takes a lot of work and unfortunately once you're done with it you have to enjoy it in your house only. The FreshWater Aquarium app for your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone makes it possible to create the perfect aquarium that you can also take along with you. Now you can share your beautiful hard work with everyone and interact with your aquarium whenever the mood strikes. There is a mini-game in the app, plenty of species, and can be enjoyed by adults and kids.

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FreshWater Aquarium


Start Interacting

It's time to get started on your brand-new aquarium and interact with your fish. The FreshWater Aquarium app features 19 different species, all of which you'd actually find in fresh water. In this app you will need to populate your aquarium, feed your fish, breed them, and of course enjoy watching them in their environment. There's more than just a relaxation angle to the app though as you can also sell your fish once they get nice and big and then make a little money off all your hard work. There is a maximum amount of fish you can have in the tank at one time and that's 40 so be sure to keep a close eye on the numbers.

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The app currently has three out of five stars from users but no customer comments at this time. In its last update it was made to support the larger screen displays.

Beautiful life-like graphics
Beautiful life-like graphics

You Control the Aquarium

Your aquarium's destiny is really in your control because you're the one who decides what kind of fish will be in there, when to sell them, when to feed them, and more. You can have up to three tanks and when you touch them you'll be able to see them react to you. Scroll around the tank and take in all the sights. Speaking of sights there are actually five different backgrounds which are Halloween, ocean, classic, winter, and rocky. When you're ready to purchase some new fish, just head over to the Shop Menu. There are some customization features as well such as being able to turn the sound on/off, turn the bubbles on/off, set up your ornaments, and plenty more.

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Let's not forget to mention that there is a fishing game that you can take part in. This game uses touch functionality that is responsive and smooth. The graphics are bright, detailed, and quite realistic.

Purchase and sell fish
Purchase and sell fish

FreshWater Aquarium


Pros and Cons


  • Beautiful bright, detailed, and realistic graphics
  • Purchase fish for your aquarium
  • Feed them and interact with them
  • Sell your fish as they grow so you can buy new ones
  • Take part in the mini fishing game
  • Choose from five different tank backgrounds
  • You can have up to three tanks


  • It would be great to see more options added as far as the available fish and how much you can interact with them

Change the background
Change the background

Final Words

The FreshWater Aquarium app for your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone is a fun way to experience having your own aquarium that you interact with and have fun with.


FreshWater Aquarium

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