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The Love Dare app review: take part in a romantic dare



What's the best way to put your relationship in the spotlight and strengthen it in a positive and fulfilling way?

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The Love Dare app for your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone can certainly get things going in that direction. This app is filled with 40 different dares that are meant not just to add fun but strengthen your marriage or relationship.

The app will automatically send you marriage and relationship action points that you can complete and mark off on the checklist.

This app is no longer in the App Store. But, you can check out some great alternatives here The best iPhone and iPad apps for dating.

The Love Dare: 40 Dares


The Starting Point

Most people look for ways to strengthen their relationship bonds and either re-connect or continue to connect but that doesn't mean you know how to go about it.

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The Love Dare app is meant to be a positive experience for both parties providing them with 40 different "dares" that make each person stop, think, and act upon them.

These dares and a checklist is sent right to your phone. You can read them in landscape or portrait mode and you can adjust the size of the font so it's comfortable to read. Besides the dare there is also a Bible passage that you can click and read the full text with a pop-up box.

The app was last updated a whopping five years ago when there were some bug fixes. There is an in-app purchase available for additional Bible translations. It scores four out of five stars from users yet the user comments paint a different picture.

It seems as though the app still works fine enough but it's very dated and doesn't contain any interactive or engaging features. Users would also like to see more content added so the experience feels more complete.

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A Dull User Experience

While the focus should of course be on the content in The Love Dare app it's so hard to stay interested thanks to dull user interface.

Some of the added features include the ability to search by text in the Bible, all the words of Christ are highlighted in red so they are easy to spot, there's no need for an Internet connection in order to view the Bible scriptures, there is a table of contents of the dares, and you can choose the color scheme.

If you want to move through the app quickly you can do so by verse, chapter, book, or Bible. The app does have a lot going for it it's just too bad that it feels so dated and dull.

A Dull User Experience image

The Love Dare: 40 Dares


Pros and Cons


  • The app is easy to use and navigate
  • View a table of contents of the dares
  • Each dare also features a Bible scripture that you can tap on
  • Search by Bible text
  • There is no Internet connection needed


  • Additional Bible translations requires an in-app purchase
  • This app is dated, dull, and doesn’t do a good job keeping the user’s attention

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Final Words

The Love Dare app for your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone is meant to be a positive and engaging experience for couples but instead it just falls flat.

The Love Dare: 40 Dares

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