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iRadio All Radio app review: music at your fingertips



Music lovers and enthusiasts will enjoy the iRadio All Radio app. Developed by an Italian web company called, the app is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. One of the most impressive features of iRadio is its ability to stream more than 70,000 radio stations for its users.

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iRadio - All radio


Providing a Music Paradise for Users

Radio and music apps are not new in the market. In fact, there are probably hundreds of these apps that promise a unique listening experience for consumers. The competition among developers in this market niche is growing year by year.

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This is probably the reason why Kreolo.Com upped the ante by providing more than 70,000 stations for its iRadio All Radio app. And it is welcome news for everybody. With such amazing number of stations to choose from, you will surely have a good time listening to your favorite music streamed from around the world.

iRadio makes it easier for you to find your favorite radio stations and discover new ones. It organizes the selections into specific genres and categories. You can also make a real time search of individual artists, albums, and tracks.  And if you don’t want to lose track of your favorite stations, you can tag them or save them to your favorites list.

Best Features of iRadio All Radio app

The strongest feature of iRadio is the sheer number of radio stations available for users. Having 70,000 stations in one small app is a feat in itself. But, this app has more to offer for you.

iRadio allows users to multitask. This means you can search additional stations while listening to a playlist. You can also record a song and save it in the app. The app plays in the background while you’re browsing the net or doing other tasks with your device.

The app allows you to tune in to various frequency channels which include AM radios, FM music, Web radios, and podcasts. You can tag individual stations and save them in the app for future listening sessions. You also get full control over streaming recorded music through its built-in pause, rewind, and forward functions.

And lastly, iRadio offers a timer and an alarm clock which prevents you from losing track of time when listening to your stations.

iRadio - All radio


Pros and Cons


  • More than 70,000 available radio stations
  • Multi-channel support that includes AM, FM, Web radio, and podcasts
  • Supports multitasking, tagging, and saving to favorites
  • Built-in pause, rewind, forward, and play functions
  • Records songs and allows in-app saving
  • Built-in audio control and customizable stream quality
  • Displays station logo and track information
  • Auto-reconnect function


  • Skips songs when Internet connection is slow
  • Does not allow landscape mode for new iPad models

Final Thoughts

iRadio All Radio app has what it takes to become one of the leading apps in the music and radio category. It offers a huge collection of radio stations which allows you to enjoy hours of listening pleasure. It has simple and user-friendly interface that allows you to navigate through the app without any glitch.

iRadio - All radio

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