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Alien Assignment app review: camera interactivity for kinesthetic learners



Alien Assignment is an iPhone seek and find interactive game that helps kids learn household objects. The game sends kids on an adventure with the camera to find objects such as door knobs, light switches, and more to fix the various parts of the spaceship.

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Alien Assignment


Find the Parts with the Camera

Alien Assignment asks your child to search the house for objects to fix the various broken parts of the spaceship. In the first round, your child will be asked to go around searching for items to fix the space part. To do this your child must take photos of a light switch, something that turns, a door knob, and something to dry themselves off with. Once the photos have been captured, the app instructs your child to pass it to their parents to review. Parents simply check or x the photo and then the piece is repaired provided all photos were correct.

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This app is different from other seek and finds in that your child is encouraged to look around the house. They’re not just looking at a screen for the object hidden in the many objects, they’re walking around, thinking, searching, learning. I really enjoy how they made kids interact with their environment. In theory, I could take the kids out for a walk, and if they got bored at the park as my 12-year-old son often does, he could walk around and play the game a little, but he’s still walking, playing, and thinking.

Active Learning

Many kids need to move to retain information, and to learn about their environment. By requesting the child to walk around with the camera looking for objects, Alien Assignment has achieved this very well. I appreciate that they have helped the kinesthetic learners to seek out their environments. They learn about physical features of the home such as the light switches and door knobs, and they learn what they are called. There are lots of books teaching animals, the body parts, and the like, but there aren’t as many teaching household objects.

Alien Assignment


Pros & Cons


  • Free app
  • Camera interactivity
  • Seek and find for kinesthetic learners


  • If a parent isn’t quickly available to check the photos, children may rush through the level

Final Thoughts

Alien Assignment is an iPhone app that encourages kinesthetic learners to get up, take photos, and learn their environment. The have to pay attention to what’s around them to find the door knob, the towels that are hanging up around the house. I really like how the app gets kids up and moving rather than seeking an image on the screen. I will be recommending this app to friends of active kids who need something to do when out and about as well. Most of the objects could be found in a bank or at the mall too!

Alien Assignment

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