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Reverse Lobotomy Foreign Language School app review: innovative way to learn a foreign language 2021



Are you struggling to learn a new language? You can end your troubles now with the help of Reverse Lobotomy Foreign Language School app for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.

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This app to learn languages offers innovative ways to fast track your language education by using scientifically proven techniques known as immersive education and spaced repetition. It's one of the better language school apps available. 

Check out our Reverse Lobotomy app review for more details on all that this language app has to offer. 

Reverse Lobotomy Foreign Language School


The Science behind Reverse Lobotomy

At first glance, Reverse Lobotomy seems just like any other applications in the App Store. Its use of integrated audio and visual educational techniques has been around for quite a while. But when you start using this app, you will discover that its lessons are based on proven scientific techniques.

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First of all, Reverse Lobotomy Foreign Language School applies the principle of immersive learning. This type of learning involves simulation of realistic environments and scenarios so that students can quickly understand their lessons.

In Reverse Lobotomy, you will hear a native speaker pronouncing a word, a phrase, or a complete sentence. Each word or sentence has a corresponding image that provides both text and visual descriptions.

The use of a native speaker immerses you to the nuances of the second language which could help fast track your learning. The combined use of texts, images, and spoken words enhances your memorization ability.  

To further deepen your education, Reverse Lobotomy repeats a particular word or a sentence in increasing frequency. Repetition, in this case, enables you to grasp the correct pronunciation of the second language. In the field of education, this technique is called spaced repetition.

The science behind Reverse Lobotomy app has been proven very effective. That is why this application can really help you understand and grasp the basics of your preferred second language.

The Science behind Reverse Lobotomy image

Best Features

The core feature of Reverse Lobotomy is its use of image, audio, and speech to deliver an effective language education.

Each foreign language contains dozens of lessons that begin with basic single word associations. As you progress through the basic lessons, the app will also give you more challenging phrases and sentences.

The voice presenters of Reverse Lobotomy are native speakers. They pronounce the words and sentences correctly and clearly. The use of native speakers is one of the strongest features of this application. It helps you to learn a foreign language much faster.

This application has a built-in voice recognition feature. It's able to capture the way you speak a foreign language. Through voice recognition, the app also learns how you are progressing with your language education. It then tweaks the repetition spacing of each word to help you grasp the lessons.

Best Features image

Reverse Lobotomy Foreign Language School


Pros and Cons


  • Use native language speakers
  • High quality images
  • Clear and crisp audio
  • Voice recognition
  • Extensive list of words, phrases, and sentences
  • Allows you to review lessons
  • Multi-language support
  • Simple interface for user convenience
  • Responsive customer support


  • The text display should be larger

Pros and Cons image

Final Thoughts

Reverse Lobotomy Foreign Language School is an impressive application. It matches the features and strengths of high end desktop language software. This app will surely help you learn a foreign language at the comforts of your home or on the go.

Reverse Lobotomy Foreign Language School

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