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U.S. Health Care Spending 101 app review: providing much-needed data about the health care sector



Are you looking for a resource that provides comprehensive data about the United States’ health care spending history? The U.S. Health Care Spending 101 is the perfect app for you. Developed by America’s Health Insurance Plans for the iPad, this application offers an interactive guide to know the historical track, detailed components, and spending sources for the U.S. health care sector. Presented in an easy to understand format with graphs, charts, percentages, and more, it is the ultimate data resource for students, educators, policy makers, researchers, and stakeholders.

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U.S. Health Care Spending 101


The Need for Health Care Spending App

There is a raging debate about the future projection of the health care sector in the United States. Amid the vitriol, it is imperative for everyone to understand the contending issues surrounding the debate. And the only way to grasp these issues is to have access to historical data on health care.

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Thanks to Health Care Spending 101 app, pure guesswork and speculation has been taken out of the equation. This award-winning application offers the most comprehensive data on the factors that drive the trajectory of health care cost in the United States. It provides hard facts that shed light on the nuances of American health care sector.

Features of U.S. Health Care Spending 101

Health Care Spending 101 offers interactive info-graphics that are easy to understand. The data used in this app come from official federal government sources. You will get the assurance that the information presented in the app is accurate and reliable.

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This application provides graphical data on more than 50 years of health care expenditures in the U.S. There are also projections on future spending and trajectory of health care cost in the country.

There are four main sections in the application: historical spending trends, spending components, state based health care spending, and spending on federal programs.

Each section is further divided into different sub-categories. So under the spending trends section, you will be able to find detailed historical data in dollar terms. There are also data on the share of health care spending in the whole economy as well as spending per person.

The same detailed presentations are also provided in the other sections of the app. Under the components section, the app takes a closer look on spending for hospital care, medications, and doctor’s fees. The state and federal sections offer data on health care spending programs funded by each state and the federal government.

The interface of U.S. Health Care Spending 101 app is easy to understand. Sections, categories, and sub-menu navigations are clearly identifiable and set in bold clear texts. 

U.S. Health Care Spending 101


Pros and Cons


  • Data spanning more than 50 years
  • Easy to understand graphs, charts, info-graphics
  • Combination of big data and detailed presentations
  • Updated information
  • Reliable federal government sources
  • Interactive interface


  • Nothing negative to say about this application

Final Thoughts

U.S. Health Care Spending 101 is the ultimate source of information for everyone who is interested in the future of the health sector. It offers everything you need to know about health care spending and trends. This is a very useful app that will help you understand the issues hounding the American health care system.


U.S. Health Care Spending 101

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