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Wine Tasting Glossary Terms app review: a handy tool that helps wine tasting aficionados



Did you know that there are hundreds of unique terms being used specifically for the art of wine tasting? If you are a rookie wine connoisseur or an enthusiast with a keen interest in wine tasting, it would be very difficult for you to memorize all those words. In fact, even the most distinguished experts in this field occasionally forget some exotic terms on wine tasting.

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Thankfully, there is the Wine Tasting Glossary Terms application for the iPhone and iPad. Developed by trusted software company 138App.Com, this app offers valuable help to anyone who wants to know the unique vocabulary of wine connoisseurs. You can consider this app as your own personal dictionary for wine tasting.

Wine Tasting Glossary Terms


Core Content of Wine Tasting Glossary Terms App

Are you familiar with words such as appellation, botrytis, chaptalization, and malolactic fermentation? These unfamiliar words and other similar terms can be found in Wine Tasting Glossary Terms application. This app’s core content consists of hundreds of terms from the most common to the very unfamiliar.

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The application offers you hundreds of unique glossary terms and industry jargons on wine tasting arranged in alphabetical order. Each word has a corresponding concise definition that is easy to understand. Even if you are new to wine tasting, you will certainly understand the word definitions offered in this app.

Wine Tasting Glossary Terms is similar to other regular dictionaries that you can find online. This app leverages the usefulness of text linking for cross referencing purposes. It means that some words that you can find in the glossary are cross referenced to other terms using a live link. It is a core feature designed for the convenience of users.

Core Content of Wine Tasting Glossary Terms App image

Feature and Usability of the Application

Wine Tasting Glossary Terms app offers more than 700 words used in the wine tasting business. Almost everything you need to know about wines is provided by this application.

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As mentioned earlier, the glossary terms are alphabetically arranged and some of the words are cross referenced to other terms. The app opens with the main glossary displayed on screen. All you have to do is browse the glossary to learn more about wines and wine tasting.

If you are looking for a specific word, you can use the app’s search engine. Just hit the search icon and a dialog search box will be displayed on-screen. As you type the specific search term in the dialog, the app automatically loads words in the same letter category.

Another impressive feature of the application is its bookmark tool. You can bookmark whatever word you fancy for future reference. Your bookmarks are saved in the app and can be quickly accessed by hitting the bookmark icon.

Feature and Usability of the Application image

Wine Tasting Glossary Terms


Pros and Cons


  • More than 700 wine tasting glossary terms
  • With cross referencing feature
  • Ability to bookmark for future reference
  • With in-app search engine
  • Arranged in alphabetical order
  • Simple straightforward interface
  • Does not require internet connection


  • No negative comments for this app

Pros and Cons image

Final Thoughts

Wine Tasting Glossary Terms is a simple yet powerful tool for wine connoisseurs, hobbyists, students, and wine enthusiasts. It is a useful reference that will help you understand the unique jargons of wine tasting.  

Wine Tasting Glossary Terms

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