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Hello Vino Wine Assistant app review: a personalized wine expert for all occasions



Stumped by the wide variety of wines available for you? Do you want to know which type of wine is best for certain occasion? Or maybe you want to know where to find the best deals on wines? Thanks to Hello Vino Wine Assistant, the information you need is just a tap away.

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Hello Vino is an iPhone and iPad application developed by Drive Thru Interactive.  It offers crucial information, recommendations, and guided walkthroughs about wines. It is a full-featured app packed with exciting and useful tools. With that said, you can consider Hello Vino as your personal wine expert and assistant. 

Hello Vino: Wine Assistant


The Need for a Personalized Wine Assistant

Not everyone is adept in choosing the best wine in the market. Most of the time, people choose a brand based on the attractiveness and design of its label. You can take the guesswork out from your wine buying experience with the help of Hello Vino Wine Assistant.

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This application offers important wine and food-pairing assistance. You are probably aware of the unsavory consequence of having the wrong variety of wine for your dinner. To help you prevent dinner disasters, Hello Vino provides expert recommendations about the type of wines that are perfect for specific dishes. And most importantly, this application will help you get the best deals in the market so you can save money on your next wine purchase.

Rich Features of Hello Vino Wine Assistant

Hello Vino offers a professionally designed user interface. When you start the app, you will be welcomed by rich and colorful images, icons, and easy to read texts. The layout is simple and everything you need can be found in the home screen.

The best wine cellar management apps for iPhone and iPad

As a virtual assistant for the average wine drinkers, Hello Vino’s recommendation section is extremely helpful. It will show you the best wines that are a perfect match for your food. You may also tell the app what flavor you like and Hello Vino will give you a list of recommendations based on your preferences. Recommendations about the best wines for specific occasions are also provided by the app.

Hello Vino has a smart feature called Wine Label Scanner. By taking a photo of the wine label, the app will immediately provide you with detailed information about the wine. Notes on taste, pedigree, pairings, ratings, and many more will be displayed on screen.

Additional features of this app include a built-in wine search engine, search tool for the best deals, and a tool for saving your list of favorite wines.

Hello Vino: Wine Assistant


Pros and Cons


  • Professional interface with easy navigation
  • Recommendations for food pairings and special occasions
  • Ability to customize recommendations based on user preferences
  • Wine search engine.
  • Best deals search for online and local stores
  • Wine label scanner
  • With social sharing options
  • Gift ideas
  • On-call customer support and assistance
  • Saves your favorite


  • Erases profiles when updating the app; this should be fixed

Final Thoughts

Hello Vino Wine Assistant serves as your personal wine expert. It offers recommendations about the right wines for you. It has some of the most advanced features that you will ever find in other applications.


Hello Vino: Wine Assistant

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