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World Recipes Cook World Gourmet app review: offering the world’s best recipes for everyday use



World Recipes - Cook World Gourmet is an amazing application that offers daily recipes of the world’s most delectable dishes. It also provides hundreds of recipes from different cultures and has a comprehensive list of healthy dishes. Developed by Green Lake Technology Ltd, this app is optimized for both iPhone and iPad. You can use it as your own personal cookbook, food diary, and shopping list organizer.

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World Recipes - Cook World Gourmet


Become a Master Home Cook in No Time

It is true that anyone can cook. Unfortunately, not everyone can cook delicious food and dishes. You will need the perfect recipe to cook the perfect meal. With the help of World Recipes, you will be able to prepare the best home cooked meals that your family will surely love.

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World Recipe app will help you to become a master home cook in no time. This application delivers some of the best and most delicious dishes from around the world. You can surprise your loved ones by giving them restaurant quality meals. The daily stream of recipes offered by World Recipes will sharpen your cooking skills.

Best Features of World Recipes Cook World Gourmet

World Recipes is designed to look like an executive cook book. The classic leather design is perfect for your mobile device. This app offers a simple layout with easy navigation icons. The main icons are located at the bottom of the screen where you can find individual sections such as daily recipes, recipe list, search function, favorites list, and shopping assistant.

The interface is impressive with high quality images of prepared foods and dishes. The recipe list is organized by country of origin, cultural influence, and specialty items. Each recipe has its own picture, list of ingredients, method and procedures for cooking, and information about cultural influence.

This application delivers six different new recipes every day. This is your daily list which includes an entrée, a main dish, soup recipe, and desserts. You can also use the daily recipe list to prepare the family’s meal for the day.

The most exciting feature of World Recipes is the comprehensive list of recipes influenced by different cultures. If you want to cook Italian food, just browse the list for Italian inspired dishes. The app features exotic recipes from Europe, Asia, Latin America, the Middle East, and North America.

World Recipes allows you to create your own list of favorite recipes and save them in the favorites section. Under this section, you can make a record of the dishes that you have already cooked. You can take notes, take pictures, and save your ingredients. It is like having your own personal food diary which you can share with your friends.

World Recipes - Cook World Gourmet


Pros and Cons


  • Six daily recipes
  • Hundreds of world recipes
  • Categories by country and cultural influence
  • Favorites list
  • You can create a food diary
  • With built-in search function
  • Shopping list assistant
  • Executive looking interface
  • Easy navigation with high quality image


  • Need to add more recipes regularly

Final Thoughts

World Recipes Cook World Gourmet can help improve your cooking skills. Its daily recipes and recipes from different cultures are impressive. It is a very useful app for all home cooks.


World Recipes - Cook World Gourmet

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