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Snoopy's All Star Football app review: it's Snoopy and the gang



How about a friendly game of football, now think of how fun the game would be with Snoopy and the whole Peanuts gang. The Snoopy's All Star Football app for your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone gives players a chance to score touchdowns and make passes. The app is user-friendly enough for kids to play but challenging enough for adults to enjoy. The app features a storybook feel and is based on the popular comic book series from famed author Charles M. Schulz.

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Snoopy's All Star Football


Time to Suit Up for the Game

It's time to suit up for the big football game with the Snoopy's All Star Football app. The premise of the app is that Snoopy and Charlie Brown are busy trying to get the Peanuts gang together to take part in some good old-fashioned Sunday football competition. Now here's the really fun part: it's the boys versus the girls as they all try to make passes and score touchdowns. When you launch the app you have two choices which are read or play giving users a chance to be as involved as they want.

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The app has just recently had a number of performance updates and bug fixes to ensure it's a smooth experience for all. It scores really high with users getting 4.5 out of five stars. The description says it's for kids’ ages six through eight but it can appeal to younger and older ones as well.

Time to Suit Up for the Game image

A Variety of Experiences

Because the app offers a couple of different ways to use it you're really given a variety of experiences. During the read mode the story is read to kids and uses professional and engaging narration. The words are highlighted as they are read. If they're reading on their own they can touch any of the words they need help with. This is an original story that features all the most popular characters in the Peanuts gang. The illustrations are also original.

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If it's the game you're interested in then it's time to play as the quarterback and your coach is none other than Snoopy. The game controls are simple and fun so that kids will have no problem playing on their own. There are a number of levels that they can unlock. Overall the app offers an entertaining experience that holds enough interest that you’ll find yourself coming back to it, something that not all apps are able to do.

A Variety of Experiences image

Snoopy's All Star Football


Pros and Cons


  • There are two different modes:  read or play
  • Reading mode features professional narration, text that is highlighted, and kids can touch words they need help with
  • In play mode the game controls are simple and user-friendly
  • There are plenty of levels to unlock
  • The story and illustrations are original and engaging


  • It would be great to see additional content/levels added to keep users busy 

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Final Thoughts

The Snoopy’s All Star Football app for your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone is a cute offering that will keep kids happy and entertained.

Snoopy's All Star Football

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