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Movie Player app review: feature-packed way to watch movies



Calling all movie buffs: here's an app that makes it simple to watch all your favorite movies while on the go. The Movie Player app for your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone stands out by giving users the ability to play any video/file format. Thanks to this app you won't have to worry about any sort of conversion process ahead of time. Not only is it user-friendly but you can take full advantage of the many feature and tools included in it.

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Movie Player – Plays any Video!


Enjoy Videos on the Go

The Movie Player app makes it possible to enjoy all your favorite movies any time you like on your mobile device. The app supports a huge array of file formats such as mov, mpeg, mmv, avi, mpv, gxf, asf, and plenty more. Many of these types of movie players require video conversion of some sort to play your movie, but that isn't the case with this app. The user experience is quick and simple thanks to the fact there is no conversion necessary. Now even though this app runs on a number of different devices it is recommended you use it on iPhone 4 or later, iPod 4th Gen or later, or an iPad. This ensures the best user experience possible.

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This entertainment-based app has 3.5 out of five stars from users and comments are generally quite positive. Users point out that it's great for simple uses but may not fit everyone's needs. This app was last updated just over a year ago when a few minor bug fixes were made. If you plan on using this app with iOS 7 you'll want to download Movie Player 2 instead as it's a new version of the app that features a brand-new user interface, new features, and better performance.

Your movies are available to you at all times
Your movies are available to you at all times

Basic Functionality

While the Movie Player app may not blow you away with its features it does offer a nice collection of user-friendly tools. Taking a look at the features the app is able to play movies from your Dropbox and supports file transfer by WiFi, and iTunes as well. If you've received a video by email attachment it is also supported by the app. Go ahead and delete films if you find you're running out of room on your device. Keep your movies organized in folders that can be named for easy access. Set up your own playlist and be assured that your films are kept safe since the app is protected by a password.

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Transfer your movies in a variety of ways
Transfer your movies in a variety of ways

Movie Player – Plays any Video!


Pros and Cons


  • The app features basic functionality and features that are user-friendly
  • The app supports a variety of film formats
  • Create folders and name them
  • Delete films whenever you like
  • Create your own personal playlist
  • The app is kept private with a password


  • Users would like to see more features added

Final Words

The Movie Player app for your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone will give you the ability to watch your movies whenever you are and whenever you want. There are a small handful of features meant to make the experience smooth and simple.


Movie Player – Plays any Video!

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