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Art of Origami for Kids Educational Games app review: learn to make origami



One of the best ways of promoting growth and development of your kids is by playing games that trigger their minds to reason and think about their surroundings. Art of Origami for Kids Educational games is an iTunes app that is designed to fast track your kids’ mental growth. It was developed by First Word Company had has generated millions of downloads since its release into the market.

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Origami (animal)


Kids Education Games That It Offers

This kid’s application comes with 40 different kinds of origami animals that will surely keep your kids entertained. It is very easy to operate, as you just have to click two buttons and follow the step-by-step animation guide to create your own origami.

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It has a beautiful user interface that is very easy to understand. Hence, you do not have to worry that your kid will get confused along the way. By just following the simple and precise instructions, they will be able to fold their own origami creations in one day or less depending on the number of hours that they spend on it.

One of the key highlights about this app is that it is fully compatible with iPhone and iPod operating systems. More importantly, you do not have to be connected to the internet to play the games hence your kids can open and use while on the go. The whole app is just 14.2 MB in size and so it will not take up any significant memory space. The developer also offers regular updates that are tailored to ensure that you get the best experience and value for your money.

Best Features of Art of Origami for Kids Educational Games

This smart app has a Magician Amy feature that is custom made to guide your kids during the initial stages. That is, it will furnish them with crucial tips and information that they need to start creating amazing origami animals. There is no limit on the number of origami animals that they can create in one day and there no recurring or monthly fees.

It is recommendable for parents to guide their kids on how to use the app especially the controls during the first day to equip them with the necessary skills. The colorful display will surely create a vivid image in your child that will in turn help them to come up with creative origami on their own. As mentioned earlier, there are over 40 different types of origami animals that they can create using this app.

Origami (animal)


Pros and Cons


  • Beautiful interface that is very easy to use
  • Very affordable
  • Capable of grasping attention of kids and keeping the entertained for hours
  • Updates are made available on regular basis
  • It has capacity to prepare kids for various subjects taught in class


  • The controls can be a bit difficult to use for kids who have no artist skills or talents
  • Parents may have to forgo other important activities to teach their kids how to use the app.

Final Thoughts

Art of Origami is an amazing app that can help promote growth and development of your kids. It is very affordable and compatible with most iPhone models in the market. 


Origami (animal)

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