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Healthy Heros 2 app review: My Plate for Kids



Healthy Heros 2: My Plate for Kids is an iPhone and iPad app that encourages kids to make healthy choices in their food. Journey through to Yogome world where Queen Ignorantia has to send her robotic henchmen to steal the good stuff, and now the healthy monsters are sick and need help. Oof and Oona can help save the day though with the help of your child.

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Healthy Heroes 2: My Plate for Kids


Journey with Oof and Oona

Healthy Heros 2: My Plate for Kids asks you to journey to Yogome where Queen Ignorantia is forcing the monsters to eat unhealthy food. She has sent her robotic henchmen to take all the healthy food. Thankfully, Oof and Oona will help out and journey through the prehistoric landscape to find the five food groups and bring balance back to the gardens.

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Play a matching game that ties into the food groups and earn rewards to thank you for your effort. There are over 30 foods to play with and learn, and kids learn a diversity of food rather than just the same old-same old.

Based on USDA Guidelines

Healthy Heros 2: My Plate for Kids is based on USDA guidelines, and works along with the model. Children are encouraged to learn about nutrition, play the game, and parents are also encouraged to participate in the learning process by offering healthier options at home.

This game acknowledges that kids are the future, and that without proper nutrition, kids can’t learn, thrive, and succeed. With over 45 levels, 20 cool hats, and 15 food super powers, your kids will love exploring, learning, and practicing their knowledge. You may even have them coming to you in the kitchen to help plan and prepare meals.

Healthy Heroes 2: My Plate for Kids


Pros & Cons


  • Free
  • Learn about over 30 healthy foods
  • 45 levels
  • 15 food super powers
  • 20 cool hats


  • None Found

Final Thoughts

Healthy Heros 2: My Plate for Kids is an educational game for kids that allows your child to play on the iPad and iPhone to learn about healthy foods. They can journey to the land of Yogome to discover 45 levels of fun, unlock over 30 types of healthy food, and more. It’s fun to play, has nice graphics, and teaches kids how to build a healthy meal. Healthy food means a healthy body, and your child can unlock super healthy food, super powers. This app plays on the fact that kids love to learn, and that they love to learn on technology. The cute characters remind me of the ones from Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2 with all of the alive fruits and foods. My kids immediately noticed this too, and wanted to play the game. If you’re teaching a health class, this app would be a great asset.


Healthy Heroes 2: My Plate for Kids

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