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Deep Sleep Aid app review: you just got knocked out!



Millions of people from all across the globe suffer from lack of sleep. Prajnu, Inc, renowned developers has created Deep Sleep Aid, an amazing app that will help you fall into deep peaceful sleep after a long day at work. Up-to-date, it has helped thousands of people from different parts of the world to solve the lack of sleep problem without spending a fortune as evident from the many positive reviews available online.

The best sleeping aid apps for iPad

Deep Sleep Aid - You just got Knocked Out!


Start Enjoying Deep Peaceful Sleep Tonight

Deep sleep aid is a premium relaxation iTunes app that is compatible with iPad, iPod touch, and iPhone. Some of the people who have carried tried it out attest to the fact that it has ability to help them sleep even when suffering from a migraine.

The best sleeping aid apps for iPhone

The developer uses high-quality state of-the-art recording technology to acquire soothing sounds and music that will help you relax and ease stress away. Unlike other apps, this one offers users ability to choose between a male or female narrator and has a 30-minute track. You can conveniently decide to loop this track at any point that you deem appropriate.

The relaxing OM background music will surely help you to forget about all you have gone through throughout the day as the body rejuvenates in preparation for the new day. In addition, you can repeat a track for up to 15 times if you want to block out snoring sounds of your partner or roommate.

To create a 100 percent relaxation mood, the app is free from any advertisements hence you don’t have to wake up to pause or skip annoying voice of irrelevant ads. 

Special Features

The entire app is only 69.2 MB in size hence you can rest assured that functionality of your device will not be affected in any way. Currently, English is the default language by the developer is work hard and smart to make it compatible with other languages.

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To ensure that you get value for your money, there is an able team of customer care representatives who are always available and willing to help you solve any huddle that you may come across when using the app such as fixing bugs. Note that the app has been tested and proven very effective and efficient hence chances of any functional problems arising are almost nil.

By choosing this app, you will be able to send special notes to your calendar regarding upcoming events or activities that you plan to do at a particular date.

Deep Sleep Aid - You just got Knocked Out!


Pros and Cons


  • User-friendly
  • Great customer support
  • Soothing OM background music to knock you out in minutes
  • No annoying ads
  • Ability to customize your calendar by using special notes
  • You can skip parts of the track by just pressing one button
  • Very affordable


  • It is not possible to load your own songs

Final Thoughts

Deep Sleep Aid is an amazing app that you can count on to help you relax and sleep peacefully throughout the night without taking any medication. It is very convenient as you can choose between the male or female narrator. 


Deep Sleep Aid - You just got Knocked Out!

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