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Wellapets app review: asthma education



Wellapets - Asthma Education Pets for Kids is an iPhone and iPad game to help kids learn how to take their asthma medicine, triggers, and more. There are several games to play to accomplish this, and there is a great tutorial to help kids learn the games.

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Wizdy Pets - Kids asthma educational game


Learn How to Take Your Inhalers

Wellapets helps kids learn how to take their medicine first and foremost. The characters remove the cap, attach the spacer, shake, press the button, instruct your child to help the monster to exhale, put the spacer into their mouth, inhale, and hold for 10 seconds. This is exactly what a respiratory therapist would instruct a patient to do in asthma education, and the app has the whole process illustrated very well. I also like that immediately after this, the character is reminded to give the medicine to the monster every morning and every night before bed to keep their monster breathing well.

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This app does an excellent job of explaining to children how to take their medicine. My daughter has outgrown her asthma thankfully, but if she hadn’t it would have been a detailed and correct way of helping her learn to do so correctly. In her case, she began to take it when she was a year and a half, and by three would remind us, and also help us do it so that if needed, she could help her babysitter, teacher, and so on. This app encourages children to take control of their health so that there isn’t any fear left.

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Leave Fear Behind

Wellapets – Asthma Education Pets for Kids turns something that could be scary for kids into fun. Teach your child how to take control of their medicine, when to take their medicine, and potential triggers such as bugs, dust, smoke, pets, and so on. I appreciate that they not only teach the proper use, but also how to avoid triggers. Care for your pet by giving it medicine, feed it, and play with it. There’s a Tamagotchi element built in to keep you kids coming back for more game-based education.

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Leave Fear Behind image

Wizdy Pets - Kids asthma educational game


Pros & Cons


  • Free
  • Educational
  • Fun
  • Teaches how to administer medicine
  • Teaches potential triggers
  • Includes a Tamagotchi element to keep kids coming back


  • None found

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Final Thoughts

Wellapets - Asthma Education Pets for Kids is an iPad and iPhone educational game for kids to learn about asthma, how to take their medicine, triggers, and adds a pet care Tamagotchi element. I really enjoyed the accuracy in this game in the medicine protocol, and also the detail. When first learning how to give the little monster medicine, it takes a bit because you must follow all of the steps exactly. Overall, a really great app that I have suggested to respiratory therapists and doctors for use in educating patients in asthma care.

Wizdy Pets - Kids asthma educational game

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