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Diabetes Mellitus Pocket app review: enhance the quality of your patients' care services



Diabetic patients need consistent daily care services to live a normal life again. Diabetes Mellitus Pocket is programmed to make the work of health care personnel who offer such services easier and more satisfying. Since its inception into the market, it has helped thousands of medical facilities to improve their service delivery. 

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Diabetes Mellitus pocket


How Diabetes Mellitus Pocket Works

This app is a must-have accessory for people who offer daily care services to patients suffering from various types of diabetes. One of the key attributes that give it an upper hand in the market is that you can comfortably use it in both hospital and office setting.

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Its database is packed with information and latest recommendations from AACE and ADA to help caregivers to provide only the best services to their clients. The authors and developers have gone a step further to incorporate a number of treatment protocols for outpatient and inpatient, information on insulin management during labor and delivery, intensive insulin therapy in the ICU, as well as diabetic ketoacidosis.

In addition, it has special interactive calculators and scores that you can use to gauge performance and progress of each patient without having to manually carrying out the calculations on your own. Dealing with adolescent diabetes and pediatric conditions can be an uphill task. Luckily, diabetes mellitus pocket has a full chapter that provides detailed information on various complications such as diabetic macular edema, retinopathy, nephropathy, as well as diabetic neuropathy. 

How Diabetes Mellitus Pocket Works image

Best Features in Diabetes Mellitus Pocket

Wrong administration of drugs can lead to serious complications that can lead to death if not responded to on time. The developers understands this fact too well and have included convenient tables that offers information on drug doses, summaries of major clinical trials as well as insulin delivery devices that you can use when resolving various issues.

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When using an iPad, you can activate the split-view feature to get a more clearly and dedicated view of all the information and feature that it offers. Each topic or condition has its own tab or category making it very easy to retrieve information. You can also bookmark some of the information as well as highlights various facts for future reference.

The team has also put in place a customer care team that is always available to respond to clients’ queries. This has greatly helped to ensure that any functionalism problems are rectified on time.

Best Features in Diabetes Mellitus Pocket image

Diabetes Mellitus pocket


Pros and Cons


  • Provides detailed and accurate information
  • Use of simple language that is easy to understand
  • Interactive interface
  • User-friendly


  • Any information that is not already uploaded on its database cannot be displayed even if you use the search button
  • Some background information and experience on diabetes is required to derive maximum utility from it

Pros and Cons image

Final Thoughts

Diabetes Mellitus Pocket is a convenient app that you can use to add value to your diabetes care services. The information is updated regularly and approved by various medical organizations hence you can work in peace knowing that you are administering the right medications and following stipulated procedures.

Diabetes Mellitus pocket

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