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Club Penguin Puffle Wild app review: a fun match-three game for your kids



Club Penguin Puffle Wild is an iPhone and iPad match-three game for kids who link to their Club Penguin account. There are cute shapes to match from berries, to squiggles and blobs. Kids like playing match-three games that their parents and big siblings play, and now there’s one of their very own.

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Club Penguin Puffle Wild


A Fun Game for Kids

Club Penguin Puffle Wild is a fun match-three game for kids to play that will make them feel like they’re playing the match threes like their older siblings, their parents, or older friends. What I like about this kids version, is that there is a map that the kids follow automatically after passing each level. Match several groups of three, and you will gain points, get a star grade, and keep on going. There are several ways to play the game too, from match three to the T and connecting the dancing items in the three, four, or five row.

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The game syncs to their club penguin account, which is a parent monitored account. I have always liked this set up. Parents are notified of what happens with their kids accounts, and the kids can otherwise play the game freely. Kids enjoy having a game that they can play on their own on the computer, and in this case, on the iPad or iPhone.

Explore the levels
Explore the levels

Enjoy the Freedom

Club Penguin Puffle Wild is linked to the Club Penguin account, which means that your child can play this game without you worrying about inappropriate content, or about them getting side tracked into in-app purchases and the like. There are in-app purchases, and the app warns you up front that this uses real money. I appreciate this blatant warning so that there are no surprises.

While there are in-app purchases, they are not easy to access, and if you have your parental controls turned on so that in-app purchases are disabled, then there is even less worry about accidental purchases.

Power-up your puffles
Power-up your puffles

Club Penguin Puffle Wild


Pros & Cons


  • Free
  • Links to the Club Penguin account
  • Warns of in-app purchases
  • Provides your child with a fun match-three game that includes their Club Penguin characters


  • None found

Cute puffles to take back to your Club Penguin account
Cute puffles to take back to your Club Penguin account

Final Thoughts

Club Penguin Puffle Wild is an iPhone and iPad game that encourages your child to connect three in this match-three game. There are multiple symbols, fruits, and blobs that are fun to look at and challenge your child to be more observant. Kids love to play games that are similar to the ones that their parents and siblings play, and this game is just that with a cool fun link to their Club Penguin account. I enjoyed this game, and will keep it around for a while for my six-year-old to play as she has been enjoying matching the shapes and solving the puzzles.


Club Penguin Puffle Wild

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