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Veggie Cookbook+ app review: a source of delicious content



As a vegetarian you are probably always on the hunt for new and tasty dishes to prepare. The Veggie Cookbook+ app for your iPad provides users with 80 different recipes to try out. Even if you aren’t a vegetarian this is a wonderful source of information for those occasional meatless meals. The recipes excel at using a wide range of ingredients so that nothing ever seems dull or tasteless. There are also other features and tools built into the app meant to enhance the experience.

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Veggie Cookbook+


Whip Up Tasty Dishes

Whipping up tasty dishes is now simpler thanks to the Veggie Cookbook+ app that provides users with 80 different recipes to try out. The app can be used by vegetarians obviously and also those looking to prepare vegetarian dishes from time to time. All of the recipes can be viewed in portrait and landscape mode; they also feature high-resolution images. If cooking vegetarian dishes is new to you then you can also read up on the vegetarian lifestyle. The recipes also feature tips that you can use to change things up even more and add more interest.

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The app doesn't require any in-app purchases and in its recent update the screen ratios were enhanced. The price of the app seems quite reasonable as its still much less than you’d pay for a cookbook in the store. The app doesn't have any customer comments at this time nor does it have a customer rating.

Whip Up Tasty Dishes image

Providing Inspiration in the Kitchen

The Veggie Cookbook+ app provides users with inspiration in the kitchen in a big way, offering up a wide variety of recipes. Make use of the filters to find spicy or quick dishes. You can mark recipes as favorites so they will be stored on your list, you can make notes if there are any changes you want to make to the recipe, and there is the ability to email the recipe so that you have it handy when grocery shopping.

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While actually preparing the recipe you can make use of the cooking mode. This mode allows you to have a variety of recipes open and on the go at once and each one has its own integrated clock. There's even a cute way to send a dinner invite to a friend through the app. The user interface feels modern and minimalist, making for a beautiful presentation of the recipes.

Providing Inspiration in the Kitchen image

Veggie Cookbook+


Pros and Cons


  • The app has a beautiful, modern, and streamlined user interface
  • Save recipes to a list of favorites
  • Filter the recipes
  • View in portrait and landscape mode
  • The recipes offer high-resolution pictures
  • There is a cooking mode so you can have multiple recipes going at once, each with their own clock


  • The content feels a bit small, it could use more recipes

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Final Words

The Veggie Cookbook+ app for your iPad will have you cooking like a pro in no time. This offering is extremely user-friendly with a handful of cooking tools to make use of.

Veggie Cookbook+

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