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THETA Poker Pro app review: learn how to play poker like a pro



Poker can be a simple or difficult casino game to take part in depending on your level of expertise and understanding of the game. THETA Poker Pro developed by Robert Jen is a unique app compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch that new players can use to learn how to play. Experienced poker players can also use it to refresh and hone their skills.

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THETA Poker Pro - Texas Hold 'Em


Learn More about THETA Poker Pro

This learn poker app has literally outdone the previous version that had levels of artificial intelligence such as Pocket Gamer UK and Spanner Spencer. The developers have toiled harder to incorporate a new Master Al level that is tailored to hone your skills even further. Here, you will get to learn various strategies that the most successful poker players in the world use to win and earn hundreds of dollars from every game that they take part in.

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It has unique, efficient, and hack-proof betting mechanism that enables users to execute one-handed operations by just touching their iPod or iPhone screen. In addition, you can play Hold Em” at any time of the day and from anywhere in the world whenever you have a few minutes to spare.

To ensure that you never make the wrong moves, it has an iOS-optimized user interface with clear and elegant readable cards. The interface is actually customized for Retina display in iPad 4 and iPhone 4. Nevertheless, this application still looks great even when used in low-resolution iPad Mini.

Unlike other apps whose settings are static, this one allows you to change music and set real gaming sounds that you prefer. It is also compatible with various audio streaming sources such as Shoutcast and Pandora.

As you progress, you can decide to test your skills by playing against some of the best artificial intelligence players on your phone or PDA. Usually, the opponents will evaluate your strength, tendencies, check raises, slow plays and other aspects that they can use to pin you down hence it is paramount to be extra vigilant.

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Best Features That THETA Poker Pro Offers

It has amazing tournament details such as dead buttons, table balancing, tighter play at each bubble and chipping up. More importantly, it clearly displays statistics of your opponent at the table to help you make the right moves.

No need to even look at the screen as it as a full Voice-Over accessibility that announces all actions verbally. By activating the career mode, you will be able to build your bankroll from scratch to 10,000 (player world championship).

Career statistics that it offers include poker glossaries, payout schedules, blind schedules as well as practice mode that gives you a chance to see your opponents cards after each hand.

Best Features That THETA Poker Pro Offers image

THETA Poker Pro - Texas Hold 'Em


Pros and Cons


  • Comprehensive poker training course
  • Easy to understand
  • Great user interface
  • Amazing features that makes the game very exciting
  • Ability to adjust the speed


  • Some of the controls are quite sophisticated; hence, new users might experience some problems during initial stages

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Final Thoughts

THETHA poker pro is an amazing app that you can rely on to hone and improve your poker skills. The clean and well-designed interface will guide you on what to do as you progress. It's one of the best apps to learn poker

THETA Poker Pro - Texas Hold 'Em

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