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5000+ Dessert Recipes app review: add value and elegance to your desserts



One of the surest ways of adding value and elegance to your dinner parties is by finishing off a meal with a chef-prepared dessert. There are hundreds if not thousands of desserts that you can use to make this dream come true. However, information on how to prepare them is usually very rare to find. In response to this, KKAppStudio has developed an iTunes app whose database is packed with over 5000 different dessert recipes that you can prepare at home. It is fully compatible with iPad and iPhone devices. 

The best dessert recipe apps for iPhone

5000+ Dessert Recipes


Indulge in Life’s Great Pleasures Today

Forget the conventional desserts that are served in parties and events that you are invited to. This smart app will revitalize your life by providing hundreds of amazing desserts from all across the globe that you probably have never heard about.

The best dessert lovers apps for the iPhone and iPad

Whether you are looking for quick treats for your kids, stylish dessert for weddings, impressive desserts for official luncheons, or comforting nursery puddings, this is app is a perfect choice for you. One of the major highlights that place it miles ahead of other similar apps is that the desserts are described by professional chefs hence every fact is accurate and well-detailed.

For instance, if you always have chunks of ice cream in your freezer, you will never miss an idea on what to prepare as the app offer amazing dessert ideas that will leave your guests asking for more. You can serve grated chocolate with some ice cream during those hot summer afternoons. 

What Makes 5000+ Dessert Recipes the Best

The developers put in place working protocols that enables them to research on new recipes and update their database. This will definitely save you time and money that would have been spent browsing various websites and blogs for the same information.

The best dessert lovers apps for the iPhone and iPad

The newly released version 2.0 is actually compatible with iPhone operating system 7 as well as iPod touch. Despite the fact that English is currently the default language, users who do not understand it can still use it as each recipe has a high-definition picture of all the ingredients to be used.

The best thing about this app is that similar desserts are listed in one category making it very easy for one to sort them out. For example, cakes are in a different category from Apple Cobbler Recipes. All you have to do is click a category or group that best suits your taste buds and the kind of meals that you intend to prepare. 

5000+ Dessert Recipes


Pros and Cons


  • Offers thousands of dessert ideas from all across the globe
  • Database is updated on weekly basis providing users with fresh ideas
  • Each dessert has a picture to give you an idea of the ingredients
  • Has an intuitive and very user-friendly interface


  • There is nothing negative to say

Final Thoughts

5000+ Dessert recipes will revamp your life and exhume your inner cooking skills by furnishing you with amazing ideas on how to make your cookouts and meals unforgettable experiences.


5000+ Dessert Recipes

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