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Basque Country Cuisine & Culture app review: discover different cuisines from the Basque country



Basque country is well-known for the amazing food recipes that it offers. Hundreds of tourists come here to see the various attraction sites and indulge in some of the best foods in the world. Sutro Media, an organization that specializes in creating apps, has developed the Basque Country Cuisine & Culture app that is packed with information on the various meals. 

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Basque Country Cuisine & Culture


Discover the Healthy Dishes in Basque Country

One of the advantages of using this app is that it offers cultural and gastronomical guide to users. By choosing this app, you can rest assured that the details and food suggestions are accurate and real. The developers have also gone a step further to provide readers with first-hand information on traditions and culinary innovations of this country.

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When looking for a good restaurant, just launch the app and search for restaurants that are around your area. No matter your personal preferences, you can be sure that you will find a recipe or restaurant that suits you best. More importantly, it will furnish you with information on wineries and bars that you can visit at the end of the day to interact with local community and enjoy their unique and tantalizing wine variety.

It is almost impossible to know the quality of food served at a particular restaurant if you have no photos. In response to this, the developer has incorporated a number of high quality photos that will help you narrow down your choices and make decisions on where to dine faster. As you do so, you will learn about the various culinary techniques that chefs use to prepare meals at the restaurant.

Accuracy is one of the major aspects that app developers have to put into consideration during the designing phase. This company understands this fact too well as is evident from the protocols that they use to validate information before uploading it to the database. This has greatly helped to build its reputation and credibility. 

Best Features Offered by Basque Country Cuisine and Culture

Currently, there are over 200 restaurants, museums, tapas bars, historical sites as well as nightclubs whose details are accessible though the app. Most of the restaurants have provided over 1000 photos of their dishes and interior setting to help you make the best decision even as they market their services.

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To ensure that you never get lost when looking for a particular restaurant, the app comes with very modern and interactive maps that will help you to know the specific location of various restaurants around you. You can also review the restaurants that best suit your budget.

Basque Country Cuisine & Culture


Pros and Cons


  • Very user friendly
  • Comprehensive details about restaurants
  • Secure database
  • Photos to give you an idea about the recipes


  • It does not allow users to review restaurants

Final Thoughts

Basque Country Cuisine and Culture is a good app that you can count on to provide you with detail about the restaurants and places to dine in as you travel. It is very easy to use and comprehensive. 


Basque Country Cuisine & Culture

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