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FOREX TRADER PRO app review: help you increase profit margins



Advancement in technology has made it possible for investors from all across the globe to take part in Forex trading online. However, you need to have a couple of special skills to make the right choices to avert loses and losing your hard-earned money. Forex Trader Pro, which is featured in our list of the Best Currency Converter apps for the iPad, is a smart iTunes app that is tailored to help you increase their profit margins by providing undisputed market information. 

The best forex trading apps for iPhone

FOREX TRADER PRO: FX Trading Signals, Charts, News


Increase Your Turnover by Trading Online

Forex trader is an amazing tool that is specifically programmed for industrialists, investors, and traders from all across the globe who love making money through foreign exchange. Since its introduction into the market, it has helped thousands of people from all across the globe to make intelligent decision before invest in various stocks.

The best forex trading apps for iPhone

One of the key highlights about this app is that it’s ideal for basic and intermediate level traders who have some background understanding on margins, short selling, momentum trading, margin maintenance and other important concepts. Researchers who are interested in forex exchange can also use it to gather information on various currencies and assets.

The app goes a step further to provide real forex news from various accredited sources to help users keep tabs with the ever-changing economic environment. It also has Forex watchlist section that offers unlimited FX pairs and ability to auto synchronize between iPhone and iPad in just one click. All the signals and data that it offers are generated through complex mathematic models that have been proven to provide accurate results. 

Increase Your Turnover by Trading Online image

Additional Features that Forex Trader Pro Offer

One of the superior features is the daily buy/sell/hold assets signals that will show you the nature of each asset available. By choosing this app, you will be able to stream real time quotes even during the hours of the night as well as real time P/L calculation of various currencies that are listed.

The best foreign exchange apps for iPhone

Forex Trader Pro also has charts that are generated in real time. Each chart has 48 technical indicators that are actually customizable. There are also auto Fibonacci retracement lines and indicator to help you track any drop or increase in value of assets. To monitor the forex trading industry, the app is programmed to provide daily news on macroeconomics. This will save you time that would have been spent searching for the same information on Google.

Some of the world currencies that you can trade on include Canadian Dollar, Mexican Peso, Danish Krone, Swedish Krone, Japanese Yen, New Zealand Dollar and the list continues. It uses historical data of exchange rates to come up of dispersion and correlation volatility maps. 

Additional Features that Forex Trader Pro Offer image

FOREX TRADER PRO: FX Trading Signals, Charts, News


Pros and Cons


  • Use complex computerized mathematical model to create maps
  • Clear display with all signals needed to make best decisions
  • Provides accurate data and charts in real time
  • One of the best iPhone apps for forex trading


  • You need to have a background understanding of how the forex markets work to derive maximum utility from this app

Pros and Cons image

Final Words

Forex Trader Pro is a reliable tool that you can use to enhance your ability to make the right decisions when trading. It is quite easy to use if you have some understanding on various trading concepts.

FOREX TRADER PRO: FX Trading Signals, Charts, News

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