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Garden Tracker app review: discover a new way of managing your outdoor space



Managing your garden can be a tricky affair especially if you have a busy schedule throughout the week. Portable Databases organizations have managed to develop an amazing app, Garden Tracker, which is an app that is designed to help you take good care of your garden like a professional. Up-to-date, it has over 500,000 users from all across the globe.

The best gardening apps for the iPad

Garden Tracker


Simplify How you Manage Your Garden Using This App

This advanced app has the capacity to not only let you size your garden but also subdivide it into plots. The developers have come up with a very simple and user-friendly interface that makes it seamlessly easy to carry out various garden operation such as weeding without fail.

The best gardening apps for the iPad

For instance, it will furnish you specific dates that you should weed or harvest your crops depending on the day that you plant and their maturity date. All the information in its database is backed up with scientific information from expert agriculturalists hence rest assured that you will get value for your money and time that you invest in your garden.

If you are a lunar cycle gardener, this is a perfect app for you as it has an accurate lunar calendar to show you when and how to plant your crops. In addition, it has a sunrise/sunset calculator that you can use to know when to plant. This calculator does calculation using your location and day. There are hundreds of vegetables in its database that you can use to fill your garden’s grid. 

Additional Features

Apart from the amazing interface, this app allows users to take photos of the garden at different periods. The main essence of incorporating this feature is to make it easy for one to track and note progress. In addition, you can use to images to make decisions in future when planting a similar crop.

The best iPhone apps for gardening-2021

There is no limit on the number of rows and square plots that you can have in your garden as long as you have enough space and resources required to manage it. Also, it offers vital garden statistics that will keep you updated and ensure that you do not harvest crops too early or too late. Logging fertilizing and watering dates has never been easier and quicker as you do not have to write down anything on paper. The app has ample space that you can store any information that is relevant to your garden. You can also synchronize it with your SD card if you need extra space.

Garden Tracker


Pros and Cons


  • Real-time garden statistics
  • Ability to take and store photos
  • Wide variety of vegetable suggestions
  • Does not affect operating system of your device in any way
  • Accurate and proven scientific information that is in line with your garden


  • You need to feed it with accurate data lest it will give you wrong suggestions that will end up ruining your garden

Final Thoughts

Garden Tracker is an amazing app that you can use to redefine your garden. All information is easy to implement and can be used anywhere in the world. 

Garden Tracker

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