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Vintage Engagement Rings app review: envision how the pieces would look



If you're currently in the market for the ideal engagement ring, one with style and class, vintage may be the way to go. The Vintage Engagement Rings for your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone is meant for anyone with a love of vintage pieces. With this app you'll be able to scroll through and view more than 30 different vintage rings. Now here's the cool part: you can also try them on in a virtual sense. There is no having to use your imagination on how the ring may look on you.

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Vintage Engagement Rings - Try It On - Estate Diamond Jewelry


Selecting the Perfect Ring

Selecting the perfect ring has never been easier or faster thanks to the Vintage Engagement Rings app. There are more than 30 to browse through, each of which is unique and beautiful. This is a fabulous way to try on rings and get a sense of what you like. The app also comes in handy for guys looking to buy that perfect engagement ring but need some help figuring out what looks great on their fiancé-to-be and what they like. When you find that perfect ring you can share it by Twitter, Facebook, or by email.

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The app is free to use and currently has a perfect five star rating from users. The app was released more than a year ago but as of right now it doesn't have any updates. The comments from users are nothing but complimentary pointing out the ease of use and the incredible variety of styles.

Selecting the Perfect Ring image

Start Shopping

Just launch the Vintage Engagement Rings app to start your shopping experience. You are instantly taken to the list of rings and all you need to do is scroll through them. When you find one that catches your eye, tap on it to read about the details. You’ll be able to view its price, a written description, view photos are different angles to show you all the aspects of it, and of course try it on. The app helps you line up your hand with the finger you want the ring to sit on. Snap the photo and then admire the results. You of course can buy the rings from within the app.

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The graphics in the app are quite impressive as you’re really able to view the details up close, which is important when shopping for rings. The user interface is smooth and very fast to load, providing you with instant content.

Start Shopping image

Vintage Engagement Rings - Try It On - Estate Diamond Jewelry


Pros and Cons


  • The app is smooth and fast
  • All of the pictures show a great amount of detail
  • Read written descriptions about the rings and view photos from all angles
  • Try on the ring virtually
  • Share the picture through social media
  • Buy rings from within the app


  • The app is rather basic and doesn’t contain many tools and features

Final Words

The Vintage Engagement Rings app for your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch is the perfect way to shop for a ring. The process couldn’t be easier thanks to the smooth functionality of the app.

Vintage Engagement Rings - Try It On - Estate Diamond Jewelry

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