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Dosha Diet app review: a planning tool for the Ayurveda lifestyle



For those who follow the Ayurveda lifestyle where eating is concerned we've come across an app that offers all kinds of tips and tools . The Dosha Diet app for your iPad is filled with content, tips, information, and tools all meant to make your life easier. The Ayurvedic diet is said to help with clarity, body weight, energy, enhanced well-being, and even aid with digestion. This app is perfect for beginners to the lifestyle as well as those who have lived this way for years.

Dosha Diet: Ayurveda Food Planner


Get Acquainted with Ayurveda

Here's your opportunity to either brush up on your knowledge of the Ayurvedic diet and lifestyle or learn what it's all about. The Dosha Diet is meant to be a simple way for people to follow the food plan and provides you with all kinds of beneficial and healthy food options. The Ayurveda lifestyle is from India and focuses on three biological principals, doshas, or energies. These are called kapha, pitta, and vata. The goal is that these principals need to be in balance in order to be healthy and happy. It offers a practical approach to living this lifestyle with tips and information that anyone can follow.

The app was updated over the summer with brand-new book links and recipes plus it now supports iOS 7. The app currently has 3.5 out of five stars from users but no customer comments at this time. There are no in-app purchases necessary in this app.

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A Complete User Experience

The Dosha Diet app really aims to deliver a complete customer experience. The content includes such items as eating tips specifically to aid with digestion, food plan examples that you can follow, instructions on how to pick the foods that will balance your doshas, and there is a dosha clock that provides you with the dosha time of day and season. The Imbalance Quiz is a great place to start in order to determine where your dosha imbalances are. There is also a Basic Constitution Quiz to point out your mind-body type. The Extensive Food Properties Table outlines 150 food items so you know what is best to pick.

The user interface is a bit of a disappointment and I have to figure this plays into the rather average customer rating it has. It could certainly be more engaging and dynamic, which would make the information all the more intriguing.

A Complete User Experience image

Dosha Diet: Ayurveda Food Planner


Pros and Cons


  • There are two different quizzes meant to determine where your imbalances are
  • Check out sample food plans
  • Read the details about 150 different food items and how they can help you
  • Get information on the Ayurveda lifestyle


  • The user interface is dull and disappointing

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Final Words

The Dosha Diet app for your iPad gives you a way to learn about this lifestyle and follow along with it. The app offers some helpful tools and features but needs to offer a whole lot more in order to make an impact.

Dosha Diet: Ayurveda Food Planner

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