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Relax HD - Stress and Anxiety Relief app review: an effective stress-reliever app



Stress is one of the leading causes of mental illness. There is need to learn how to relieve it fast to cushion yourself from such ailments. Saagara has created a smart iTunes app called Relax HD - Stress and Anxiety Relief that can help you achieve this goal without spending a fortune or spending hours at the gym. 

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Relax HD - Stress and Anxiety Relief


Finally A Stress and Anxiety relieving app

This third generation app has the capacity to help you combat stress in 5 minutes or less. To achieve this, the developer has come up with some of the best breathing exercises that will not only promote your mental healthy but also your respiration system.

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The developer has gone a step further to include some calming music tunes that will help you relax and unwind after a long day. The HD version of this app has been optimized to derive the best experience when used on iPad. This does not mean that you cannot use it on iPhone as its fully compatible with the operating system as well.

Just like other physical exercises, the more you use it, the better and effective the results will be. It is recommendable to try it out at specific times of the day preferably after work. Other health benefits that you can enjoy from this app include improved stamina, energy, focus, and concentration. All this benefits will help you live a healthy life and increase your productivity at your work place. This is because you will be able to make informed decisions without involving other external factors that can impair your judgment. 

Best Features of Relax HD

One of the major benefits of using this app is that it does not only provide exercises but also a detailed and simple guide on how to do the exercises correctly. For instance, you will get access to the slow breathing exercise guide. The developer has also added a quick start feature that automatically launches the app without any glitches. It is also important to note that once you start exercising, it will play some cool music tunes and count for you so that you can concentrate fully.

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Most of the people who have tried out this app love the manner in which the course is structured. It is a perfect choice for both new and experienced users as it is tailored to reduce your breathing rate as you go through each session.

Apart from relieving stress, this smart app has the capacity to help manage pain, headaches, and migraines. In addition, it will help lower your blood pressure and heart rate without any medications. As mentioned earlier, it is recommendable to use it regularly to get optimal results. 

Relax HD - Stress and Anxiety Relief


Pros and Cons


  • Numerous health benefits
  • Does not involve any medications
  • Very easy to use
  • Offer a number of different breathing exercises
  • Does not affect your phone’s operating system in any way


  • You will need to use it continuously to derive maximum benefits from it but this isn't a problem as it's fun and easy to follow the guidelines

Final Thoughts

Relax HD is an amazing app that can help improve your concentrate and promote your overall health and well-being. Start using it today to discover your hidden mental potential and capabilities. 

Relax HD - Stress and Anxiety Relief

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