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Skedi app review: keeping the whole family organized



The majority of families are busy at all times with one child going for lessons here, another one on a playdate, and appointments and commitments that Mom and Dad have going on. The Skedi app for your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone is meant to provide families with a way to organize their busy lives and stay on track. The app combines everyone's schedules into one organized offering so everyone is aware of what it happening at all times. The app syncs with your iOS calendar so that there's no need to enter information multiple times.

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Skedi ~ Family Calendar for Busy Parents


A Full-Feature Family Calendar

Instead of everyone working off their own schedules and not knowing what's going on with other family members here's a chance to get everyone on board and on the same page. The Skedi app is able to sync with any iOS calendar and Google calendar and instantly provides everyone’s schedules in one. You can do more than view the schedules though: you can also manage them with the updates showing up for everyone. Don't worry, this information is only available to your family members, if there is a non-Skedi event it will be hidden.

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The app doesn't contain ads and there is no need for in-app purchases. In its update just over a year ago there were bug fixes made and new features were added. The app has four out of five stars from users who have pointed out how helpful it can be yet could use more customization features.

Add everyone's events to one calendar
Add everyone's events to one calendar

Features of the App

The Skedi app offers a number of user-friendly tools to make the experience all the smoother. These features include email notifications and alerts, a variety of views (month, day, list, and family), assign tasks/events to others, send out invitations, and even import events. You can see everything you need in one quick glance and events can always be shared by SMS and email. Besides Google calendar and iOS calendar the app also supports iCloud, Yahoo!, Microsoft Exchange, CalDAV calendars, and Microsoft Outlook. Your data is always kept secure thanks to the encryption with 128-bit SSL certificate.

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The user interface feels a bit basic but at the same time it's simple to navigate and use. The bar along the bottom of the screen is how you'll move through the content. It would be nice to see a more modern approach to this app, just to make it more engaging.

Delegate events
Delegate events

Skedi ~ Family Calendar for Busy Parents


Pros and Cons


  • The app syncs data from a number of calendar apps
  • Share information by email and SMS
  • Everyone’s information is kept safe and secure
  • View the content and make changes
  • Delegate tasks through the app
  • You can view the content in a number of different ways


  • The user interface feels quite basic
  • There is a lack of tools and features

Final Words

The Skedi app for your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone gives families a way to see everything that is going on in each other’s schedules in a quick and easy manner.

Skedi ~ Family Calendar for Busy Parents

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