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This is My Weather app review: meteorology for kids



This is My Weather - Meteorology is an iPhone and iPad app that helps you to teach your children about weather. It uses location based search to give you an accurate forecast, and then has the child dress the character to suit the weather.

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This is my Weather - Meteorology for Kids


Learn About the Weather

This is My Weather - Meteorology is a great tool to teach kids about weather. The first step is to select a character that resembles your child. If you are teaching a class, then you could have the characters rotate. There are multiple races, and multiple children of both genders. I appreciate the diversity!

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Next, you go to the dressing stage. My six-year-old enjoyed this because she could dress the girl she chose however she wanted. It was fun because she has a spunky sense of style. Today’s weather was -7°C, so I had to get the kids to dress the character for winter weather. They sorted through the box of hats to find a winter hat and goggles, a winter coat in the shirt box, and finally some warm pants and boots. I didn’t see gloves, which kids need to put on, but maybe I just wasn’t patient enough.

Choose your unit
Choose your unit

More Activities

This is My Weather - Meteorology has even more activities. Once your character is ready for the weather, he or she can explore the seasons. Spring has fog, rain, hail, and occasionally still snow. You can navigate through each season’s characteristics by swiping some more. If you tap the bubbles, you can explore more parts with descriptions. It’s fun for kids up to about eight.

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You can also switch between Celsius and Fahrenheit. As you go on, you earn expert points up to 10. If you want weather for a specific location you can set it rather than using location, and there’s even a climate education section. I really enjoyed this as it included day and night, rotation, and axis tilt! It really does a thorough job!

Character with menu visible
Character with menu visible

This is my Weather - Meteorology for Kids


Pros & Cons


  • Thorough
  • Lots of garments to get your character ready for the weather
  • Lots of characters of varying appearance to choose from
  • Explore the seasons and learn about activities and precipitation that can occur
  • Easily switch from location based to specific locale for geography
  • Easily switch from Celsius to Fahrenheit so that you can show students the difference


  • A little expensive, but worth it for all of the education and options

Dressing for the weather
Dressing for the weather

Final Thoughts

This is My Weather - Meteorology is an iPhone and iPad that helps teach your child about the weather. It would be a great app for in the classroom to help with weather practice and understanding proper garments. This would be great in an elementary school classroom, or a special needs classroom. When I was working in my special needs class, we would have to remind the students to put on their hats and gloves in grades six through eight. They understood because we’d review it each Fall, and then again that they didn’t need the layers in the Spring, but having a tool like this would make that lesson that much more fun for them, as it would for younger students. Overall, it was fun to review this, and it would be a valuable teaching tool.


This is my Weather - Meteorology for Kids

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