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Canadian Military History app review: a great archive of Canadian military history



Canadian Military History is an iPhone and iPad game app that helps instruct in Canadian history. It includes featured news, historical commentary, peer-reviewed journal articles, and publications on historical and contemporary conflict.

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Some Features

Canadian Military History has many features including features, multimedia, Canadian military history (CMH), and publications. Maintained by Wilfrid Laurier University, there are daily updates with articles such as A Mali-first security strategy for Canada by John Siebert, Review of James Pritchard’s ‘A Bridge of Ships: Canadian Shipbuilding during the Second World War', and many more.

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The menu layout is easy to navigate, and the featured menu includes a snapshot image, bold text title, and excerpt to catch your attention. It also includes a date so you can see when it was released. The layout is simple two column which keeps it neat and tidy for reading and sorting. I appreciate the thought that went into this so that it doesn’t look cluttered, and is easily accessible.

Title page
Title page

Back Issues

Canadian Military History also features a publications menu where you can access any of the previously published articles available on the app. Some samples include 1st Canadian Radar Battery 1944-45 (with an introduction by Terry Copp), and A Duffle Bag, Close Friends and Lots of Memories, Edited by Michelle Fowler.

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I appreciate that there are new articles provided daily, but also that if they are no longer in the featured section that you can search back through the articles by topic, title, or author. It’s a great resource to help you with essays, or any other project.

The Multimedia section also helps when you are trying to use this with class. If you have a presentation then you could include the clip, or if you are teaching a school class, you could use the multimedia for expanding your lesson and engaging your students further.

Index of articles
Index of articles

Pros & Cons


  • Free app
  • Easy to navigate
  • Lots of resources including multimedia
  • Wide variety of topics


  • Need a membership to use
  • Cannot view anything without the membership

Index of articles
Index of articles

Final Thoughts

Canadian Military History is an iPhone and iPad app that engages students in historical learning. When using with a membership, there are many different ways to navigate including a featured section of new articles, multimedia to enrich presentations and lessons, archives of Canadian military history, and publications dating back quite far. The collection is quite large, and covers a great range of topics related to the Canadian Military. It has a lot of possibility, but it’s hard to get a feel for it when you do not have a membership to get to the articles.


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