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Star Wars Books Collector app review: your own Star Wars bookshelf and reference tool



Star Wars Books Collector is a personalized bookshelf and reference application to track your favorite Star Wars graphic novels, comics, and children’s books. Developed by White Husky Software for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch, this application contains more than 400 publication titles which you can use to organize your library of Star Wars collection.

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Star Wars Books Collector


Build Your Digital Catalog of Star Wars Books

The iconic Star Wars franchise spawned hundreds of publications that include novels, graphic series, comic books, children’s books, and other reference materials. Tracking every title and upcoming publications can be very difficult.  

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Thanks to Star Wars Books Collector, you now have an easier way to keep tabs on almost all published Star Wars titles and future releases. With a comprehensive list of more than 400 Star Wars publications, you will be able to quickly manage your collection and, at the same time, create a wish list for your future purchases.

You need to take note, however, that Star Wars Books Collector is not an aggregator of books that you can read in full. This app will serve as your reference and cataloging program. It offers a system that allows you to organize Star Wars books into relevant categories.

Features of Star Wars Books Collector

One of the best features of this app is its delivery of rich content for every published Star Wars title. Each publication in the app contains full-color cover image, book details, a blurb, and links to online bookshops where you can buy the title.

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Star Wars Books Collector offers several personalization options that will enable you to make an organized list of your own digital Star Wars catalog. You can tag books into special categories such as Owned, Not Wanted, or Wanted. Books you marked as Owned are listed in the bookshelf which serves as your digital catalog for your personal collection.

You can also organize books based on your personal rating. The app allows you to rate each book from one star to five stars. The rating system serves as your list of recommendations for your friends and family.

To make things a lot easier for you, Star Wars Books Collector offers a unique approach to cataloging books and references. You can create a chronological list of books that corresponds to the timeline of the Star Wars universe. The timeline is divided into periods before and after the Battle of Yavin.

The specialized categories allow you to track the timelines from the era of the Rise of the Empire to the era of the New Republic and organize the books based on these timelines.

Star Wars Books Collector


Pros and Cons


  • Offers more than 400 titles of Star Wars publications
  • With book cover, details, blurb, and links to bookshops
  • Personal bookshelf of owned titles
  • Rating system
  • Unique categories based on Star Wars universe
  • List books based on titles, authors, and dates


  • Need links to on-sale and bargain books

Final Thoughts

Star Wars Books Collector is a useful bookshelf and cataloging app for all Star Wars fans. It allows you to organize your collection and create a list of books for your reference.

Star Wars Books Collector

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